Ohio State vs Michigan | Highlights | FOX COLLEGE FOOTBALL

Ohio State vs Michigan | Highlights | FOX COLLEGE FOOTBALL

After notching a rush touchdown and one in the air, J.T. Barrett left the game in the 3rd quarter with an injured knee, but backup QB Dwayne Haskins helped Urban Meyer’s No. 9 Ohio State Buckeyes rally to defeat the Michigan Wolverines 31-20 in their 6th straight victory over Jim Harbaugh’s squad.

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75 Responses

  1. THEKID6 says:

    John O’Korn lost Michigan this game

  2. Malachai Mcknight says:

    I bet u Michigan and Michigan fans are so tired of Ohio state I’m tellin they r tired of Ohio state

  3. DeAndre Munroe says:

    Wisconsin next

  4. Mark RN says:

    Lol I don’t even get excited for this match anymore, we beat them every year. I didn’t even watch this game because I already knew we were going to be winning.

  5. Phoenix Realms says:

    How did that safety get hurt? the WR shouldve gotten hurt sinc 2 defenders squished him

  6. BrookieCookie199 says:

    7:25 “no no no” 😂 and Korn on the cob excepts defeat.😂😂😂😂

  7. Puppy Cuteness says:

    Wisconsin is going to win the B1G Ten Championship game!

  8. Mohammad T. Hussain says:

    lol theyre (michigan) all doing lebron celebrations but lebron is from ohio

  9. Randy Castillo says:

    Haskins reminds me of cardale jones

  10. Brent Wagle says:

    Ohio State’s going to win the Big Ten Championship!!!

  11. KVNG WALKER says:

    Sa❌e results as always. OHIO 🏈🏈

  12. Melissa Joy says:

    Michigan hired a cameraman to hurt the osu quarterback only a #littlesister would be that vindictive

    • Anthony Machingo says:

      Noss Edits Jt is the calmest man ever. I bet you could tell him his scholarship and football career is over and he’d say “Okay. Thank you for having me. Bye.” Then walk away like nothing happened.

    • Johnston Stone says:

      Melissa Joy – urban is about as cheap a coach you can get. If Michigan hired someone to hurt Barrett, why did he play an entire half? This was another trick urban used to make excuses for his upcoming failure against ranked teams. How do you get hurt and then play. Barrett took a fall-watch the play. Urban made him a ponzi.

    • Kristian Kitchen says:

      Johnston Stone didn’t hurt him enough??

  13. jeglpz says:

    Once again we beat Little Brother and Little Sister in the same season .

  14. 1990Thunderbolt says:

    Michigan = FC Barcelona

    Ohio State = Real Madrid

  15. Jerad Scharrer says:

    It was a good game up until the last 3 minutes. Our Michigan needs a better QB.

  16. Yalonda Owens says:

    O-H-I-O 💯👊

  17. Michael Weston says:

    Barrett should probably sit the next game.

    • GRD7 says:

      Technically he didn’t throw any deep balls in this game but if you look at all the games he’s played in he’s definitely hit our receivers with downfield
      passes that go over 10 to 15 yards. I just looked at some of his videos to refresh myself so I know what I’m talking about. Also even the short underneath throws are more on point when he’s in the game. Barrett is the better runner but Haskin’s is the better passer.

    • Deez Nuts says:

      GRD7 yeah but Barrett really couldn’t do much yesterday… he said he was playing hurt the whole game until he came out

    • Mojorison says:

      I find it amusing how Meyer tries to convince fans JT is better. JT is a competent qb but it’s obvious he is not worthy of the starting job.

    • Mojorison says:

      Deez Nuts there have been enough excuses for JT. Time to move on… about 14 games ago.

    • FastLane Que says:

      Nah bro Barrett played good he brung us back and we was marching when he got hurt and he played hurt, it wasn’t his best game but we still would have won

  18. Drew Myself says:

    All the sports shows talking about how OSU still has a shot at the playoffs, and Wisconsin is still undefeated and guaranteed a spot with a win. Buckeyes better be ready for Wisconsin to play with a chip on their shoulders.

    • Logan Duncan says:

      Drew Myself haha Wisconsin is garbage, Ohio State only elite team in big ten

    • Mojorison says:

      I dont think there will be any doubt on our side wisconsin will be there to win. I would be much more worried if it were in wiscy but neutral site, hornibrook at qb… I think OSU will be victorious.

    • Christian Giannone says:

      Ohio State will probably win. It depends on J.T. ‘s health, but even if he has to stop playing mid game, we all saw how great Haskins was playing. It will not be an easy game though.

  19. BrandonThreatTV says:

    59-0 Buckeyes over Wis. book it!!!

  20. The Real Greek Freak says:


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