Oliver Tree – Bury Me Alive (Official Unofficial Music Video)

Oliver Tree – Bury Me Alive (Official Unofficial Music Video)

My debut album ‘Ugly is Beautiful’ drops June 12th! Pre-order: http://olivertree.lnk.to/UglyisBeautifulID
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Directed by Oliver Tree (with a $6 budget)

I watch out
I’m shut down
It always falls apart

I watch out
I’m shut down
It always falls apart

Carry me away in a coffin
That’s the day that I’m stopping
One thing is enough and I’m dropping it all if I ever tell
One day when I sneak in the gates of hell
Crushing up, I seen ’em rushing up
Still went around and I’m fucking up
Life support, is it decisive fool?
I’m decisive, let me get my style and devices
My vices, kick it on a back and too
Rolling dices
Let me get a six and six and another six
That’s where the devil lives
Calling up Lucy just to get a fix

I watch out
I’m shut down
It always falls apart
It’s not the first time

I watch out
I’m shut down
It always falls apart

Bury me alive
Some days I’m dead inside
It’s fine, everything will end in time
I tried, speaking every thought on my mind
Till the day that I die, I don’t swallow my pride
I don’t like this, laying lifeless
One last final breath of air, before I bite it
I used to have it all, filling up my vault
But it won’t mean shit on the day of my funeral
I said it won’t mean shit on the day of my funeral

Eight lives, I only got one left
Looks like I got a reason then
At last, I finally made it past
A hundred white lies, now I wanna hear facts
I’m literal, miss me by a four second interval
Catch me by surprise screaming situation critical
Situation critical

Death ray
Golden age
We all want
Better days

Death ray
Golden age
We all want
Better days

I watch out
I’m shut down
It always falls apart
It’s not the first time

I watch out
I’m shut down
It always falls apart
It’s not the first time

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65 Responses

  1. Oliver Tree says:


    PRE-ORDER NOW: https://olivertree.lnk.to/UglyisBeautiful

  2. bLv Dinh says:

    Lmao! He just made my depressing mood smile. The day can easily be made better between the battle of worse. Thank you Oliver.

  3. Trip's Toons says:

    “This will be my last song”

    “Actually, no I take that back”

    • Alex Williams says:

      @Webster for like two seconds and then I was like wait this is Oliver tree where talking about either he’s gonna pull a filthy Frank or just gonna continue as usual

    • Unhelpful Revelations says:

      Oliver’s entire schtick is layered in so much meta and irony that you can’t really take anything he says or creates at face value

    • Birdieee The Firebird says:

      Some misunderstanding here. He claimed “Let me Down” is the last song he’ll write, not the last song to be released (esp. when considering the album will need to include a few more songs it’s clear that there are enough unreleased songs).

    • Birdieee The Firebird says:

      @Unhelpful Revelations that too

    • Trip's Toons says:

      Birdieee The Firebird ahh I see

  4. Chagy says:

    0:30: Oliver Tree

    0:35: Peter Griffin

  5. Lolly C. says:

    2:59 Oh dam its not real? I thought he grew balls on his chin over night. Crazy to think he had 4 balls for almost 3 minutes.

  6. #MeowMeow says:

    I hear a huge beastie boys influence on this. Legitness.

  7. spitting .hatred says:

    Can we talk about the fact that it looks like he’s filming the video with the selfie stick stuck in his pants?
    He’s a genius and y’all can’t change my mind. I’m so beyond stoked for this album.

  8. Jimmy Fallon says:

    Oliver to his mum: just gunna go out for my daily walk
    *films this*

  9. Bdice says:

    Oliver Tree is someone you watch for satire in the beginning, but suddenly ends up in your daily playlists lol

  10. Pixel Pastel Cosplays says:

    I just imagine someone walking down the street and being like:”Dude is that Oliver Tree?”

  11. Blue Zombie Girl says:

    Did he just throw his chin balls at us? I’m-

  12. Wyatt says:

    He spent $6 on this video and I thought it was for the balloons, nope, he spent it on plastic testicles to stick to his chin. I like it

  13. jose says:

    Imagine getting kicked in the chin balls, ouch

  14. Ethan Lodato says:

    Oliver shouldn’t have visited Chernobyl when he went to Russia

  15. Evangeline Star says:

    i literally saw this and started sobbing. i was just thinking “hes back” over and over again. I’m honestly so happy right now.

  16. Bundle Of Fuck says:

    It’s never a surprise when Oliver does something like this. But it still amazes me.

  17. m a d d i says:

    his chin reminds me of the anime dudes with massive testicle chins lmao

  18. Vick says:

    Yo anyone notice the blank/pink outline in the background after the song ended 3:20 Idk it’s just weird to me because it looks like a man in pink morph suit with some sort of black cow statue or something lol

  19. imperialfleet1 says:

    Fact: this song hit #1 on planet Ballchinea

  20. Martin Næss says:

    Will Smith: Kay, he’s a ballchinian!

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