Once Upon a Crime with Alyssa and Valentina

Once Upon a Crime with Alyssa and Valentina

We don’t deal with injustice..Not in this courtroom
Judge Ratchet is back, this time with Belle and Snow White!

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Alyssa Edwards


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20 Responses

  1. Kinda awol says:

    Did valentina just remember her lines? Wow.

  2. no one says:

    HOW DID BELLE LOSE?! SHE MADE THE BEST PUN EVER NEAR THE END. ‘Mrs. Potts she doesn’t talk much but she knows all the T’ I WAS DEAD

  3. Hush boy says:

    can you guys stop with valentina’s lipsync ? get over it we all do mistakes gurl please ENOUGH .

  4. Ben Perry says:

    When did Todrick become Bob the Drag Queen?

  5. Alondra Alamos says:


  6. DavidLandin17 says:

    “You’re perfect you’re beautiful you look like Snow White and the Huntsman. ?You’re a model. ??Everything about you is perfect. ?Did you stone those gloves. Oh, you’re smiling. ?They eat her up every? single? time? she is in that damn courtroom.?She, she could walk out there with a f*cking apple ? and they’ll be like “Snow White you’re smile is beautiful!!”?

  7. Glitter Litter says:

    The dress looked better on Manila, the OG snow white ?

  8. Leon Enriquez says:

    am i the only one who died when alyssa said “THE BEAST”?!?!?!

  9. Jordan loves aot and black bulter says:

    THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER I LOVE THESE please like this so todrick can see

  10. Alejandro Soto says:

    Honestly I’m happy for Valentina, she doesn’t pay attention to the annoying fags that constantly have to write something negative where ever she is brought up. She gets along with the important people, and that’s all that matters. May her career be long and prosperous, just so I can see you hoes keep being bitter. Lol

  11. Lil Kitty says:

    Although I loved seeing Alyssa because I miss seeing her, I think this was the least funny episode.
    I feel like something’s changed, like maybe it’s much more scripted now than it was before.
    I do like the graphics though.

  12. Micaiah Snyder says:

    anyone else getting Ru vibes from Todrick?

  13. Talulah Maraschino says:

    snow white should’ve been played by coco tho

  14. Little Human says:

    Make sure to watch my video where I expose Valentina ???

  15. Jenny Kate says:

    OMG THE SHADE TODRICK!!!! “It got taken away cause you couldn’t fulfill your duties” omgggg

  16. Francisco Vergara says:

    ¿Esa era la corona de Valentina ??

  17. Lynette Capulso says:

    C’mon green screen!!!

  18. Ali Effing Noble says:

    I am so excited that this is back

  19. Andrea Woods says:

    I love Valentina’s entrance “Hi Ho” im not the only one who gets it right? Hi-ho hi-ho, off to work we go!

  20. SirStar says:

    oh my god todrick with his foot banging the gavel i can’t

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