Once Upon A Time Season 7 Comic-Con Trailer

Once Upon A Time Season 7 Comic-Con Trailer

We’re opening a new book. Get swept up in the first look at Once Upon A Time Season 7 from San Diego Comic-Con! Subscribe: http://goo.gl/mo7HqT

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20 Responses

  1. Denko says:

    I’m just not that excited anymore after a lot of the cast members left…

  2. Daivon Taylor says:

    I CRIED When I saw this trailer

  3. TheCollectorsSin says:


  4. Pascal Fernandes says:

    So gues the New identity for regina rumple and hook Ar under the curse in seatle

  5. KgUnbox says:

    I think the new Regina is the Evil Queen (the other half) who stayed in the Enchanted Forest but she will be cursed now

  6. Matheus Abreu says:


  7. Abby Garcia says:

    Wait so who is leaving? No captain swan? Or snowing? Rumbelle? Not even Regina?

  8. Winter in Summer says:

    Fuck Yes!!! Lana’s back!!! Cant wait to see this.

  9. Roland Baldwin says:

    I’m really not sure. The first six years got me through some hard times in my life. I miss those we left behind but we still have Lana, Colin & Robert

  10. JUAN B LOPEZ says:

    Change is difficult but change can also be good. New characters to fall in love with or hate. Can’t wait!!

  11. L Berton says:

    :cough: Hook is a uniformed cop and Rumple is a detective, both with the Seattle Police Dept. Regina is a bartender. Henry is an adult who lived in the Enchanted Forest and married a different Cinderella that previously on the same show. They have a daughter named Lucy. Insert curse by unknown villain (rumors spreading of Dr. Facilier from Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog”). Henry, Regina, Rumple, and Hook all live in Seattle, WA and can’t remember their real lives. Henry doesn’t recognize his kid and somehow his kid doesn’t recognize him either yet it appears that Cinderella knows them both. New villain is Lady Tremaine, however, she’s not the curse creating type. She’s just the opposite of Archie Hopper/Jiminy Cricket.

  12. Aleksandra Wernerowicz says:

    OMG Adelaide Kane will be in Once ♥

  13. Luis Gramajo says:

    I think this is the end of us seeing Regina as The Queen !! I’m so sad she’s the only reason I watched OUAT. How are they gonna do Evil Queen flashbacks now that the Snow and charming story has ended ?!

  14. Merziah Kardashian says:

    You should have finished it 2-3 years ago…

  15. MidnightMoon 123 says:

    I’m upset Emma Swan isn’t returning! 🙁

  16. F Aden says:

    Lets be honest, this show has been dragging on for a while now and the whole snow, charming and emma was good for like 4 seasons and seasons 5 and 6 concluded their story. I think this new take on ONCE feels like a breath of fresh air. Hook and emma are really cute together but lets get a story about hook without her. And regina was always my favourite

  17. PrincessMoonlightx says:

    Damn it Barry you had to come and create another flashpoint? 😂

    I mean half the cast left and will no longer be cannon or of importance.

  18. pirates190 says:

    Looks okay , noticed a couple of things , 1- The Glass Slippers , Cinderella again ?
    2- Hook , Regina , Mr.Gold .
    3- Henry older forsgadiwing he will become the new savior
    4- where is Emma ( knowing that Jennifer Morrison will only be in the 1st episode of Season 7)
    5- how will they explained snow and Charming missing from the show

  19. Coco Maehler says:

    I’m still hoping that Lucy is wish Henry’s daughter

  20. Just Michael says:

    I honestly though this thing was already cancelled lol

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