One America Appeal

One America Appeal

Hurricane Harvey brought terrible devastation – but it also brought out the best in humanity. As former Presidents, we wanted to come together and join our fellow citizens in supporting Houston and the communities along the Gulf Coast as they rebuild.

Please give whatever you can. Every cent donated through the One America Appeal will help the victims recover. Thank you.

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20 Responses

  1. Compiler Revolt says:

    Thank you presidents who do nothing but beg for money unlike Trump that goes down to Texas and helps the victims. #MAGA

  2. Killer B says:

    Bill Clinton is a rapist, Obama is a terroist, Carter is an idiot, and both Buschs’ are traitors

  3. Louie V says:

    People are butt hurt that trump wasn’t courteous enough to be in this video although I would imagine he wasn’t even notified. Btw 882 views and trending?

  4. Jack S says:

    Let’s just leave politics out of this, pray for those affected by the hurricane and be respectful of the former presidents for sending this message.

  5. hasan munir says:

    but bill your still a rapist no matter what.

  6. Steven Universe says:

    Sorry Florida… I’m tapped out. I went Hard on giving to Texas.

  7. Attack Helicopter says:

    #7 on trending with under 5,000 views, very suspicious…

  8. Darryl Scott says:

    Why have a comment section for this if everyone’s gonna spew out petty ass comments

  9. Mark Lo says:

    I miss Obama so much many god bless him and his family

  10. Patrick says:

    Combine all there money and donate? Why ask the working class and tax payers!

  11. Dov Gewirtz says:

    WOW They will never let Trump look good !! He freakin’ donated a MILLION $$$$ From his Own Money !!

  12. Sore Loser Liberal says:

    They say they’re helping. Yet, they didn’t even show President Trump actually HELPING.

  13. Tristan May says:

    Donald Trump is the sitting president, for God’s sake, of course he went down to Texas. He has moral moral obligation to do so. However, presidents almost always halt their campaigns while doing so, instead donating funds to relief efforts. President Trump failed to do so, instead he glamorized the storm, talking mostly about how “epic” the storm was, not about the disaster it wrought. Also, for those criticizing the former presidents for not physically helping, this is what they do. They organize funds for government or charitable relief, that is where they are most effective, not necessarily helping out on the front lines.

  14. Decepticon says:

    Like if you miss these guys, regardless of their ups & downs as presidents.

  15. gusbaker4u says:

    This video assumes there is any goodness left in America after Trump’s election…spoilers…THERE IS NO GOODNESS LEFT IN ‘MURICA

  16. Adam Silwick says:

    This appeared only 3hrs ago and it trends at number 7 with only 4,000 views. Hello Guiness record?

  17. whatsinaname says:

    yes, hurricane “harvey” is destructive indeed 🙂 we need massive help .#brillianttrolling

  18. Candy says:


  19. Tabby The Derp says:

    The Clintons are just stupid and jerks. We have Bill who cheated on Hilary. And then Hilary stayed with the guy and tried to become our first women president! I don’t want our first female president to be someone like Hilary, a person who tolerates infidelity. She’s such an inaccurate representation on how smart, kind, and strong a women can be. Here’s to hoping our first female president is someone worthy of the title

  20. Matthew Craker says:

    Back in my day we had real presidents

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