‘One Of My Constituents Got This In The Mail’: John Kennedy Presents Surprising Letter At Hearing

‘One Of My Constituents Got This In The Mail’: John Kennedy Presents Surprising Letter At Hearing

At yesterday’s Senate Appropriations Committee hearing, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) questioned Labor Secretary Marty Walsh about a letter a constituent allegedly received about the census which contained a $5 bill.

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44 Responses

  1. Joni Freels says:

    What good is infrastructure going to do if people can’t get gas, food, and necessities. Can’t afford to travel if you can’t buy gas or afford your precious green vehicles. This government is a joke and the rest of the world knows it. God help us all.

  2. Semilovr12 says:

    If someone asking for money cannot explain why they need it, THEN THEY DON’T!

  3. Legend of Zolo Xolo says:

    They need a large Gong in that room when people give dumb answers.

    • Suzie Lynn says:

      @Shonda Davis What I’m seeing is that scene in Coyote Ugly where they’re watching Jersey on stage and that guy gets all loud and obnoxious, and Rachel calm as can be, back fisted him right in the face.

    • Jasper Kensington says:

      It’d never stop!

    • Easy Going says:

      Yes! I can see Chuck Barris now, walking in with that funny hitch in his giddy-up and wearing that comical grin He’d have a blast!

    • Fuhgeddaboudit says:

      Hey hey, it’s Saturday!

    • RAH Capital says:

      and a long hook to pull his sially arse out of that chair and back to the hallway to the tar and feather station

  4. Tinh Si says:

    “I filled out my survey, I want five bucks” lols

    • MrShanester117 says:

      Well if there wasn’t five bucks in your envelope. That proves Kennedy is lying

    • Jonathan Marks says:

      it was a medical health survey they do them all the time that way i have gotten money from surveys sent out like that its not just the government goto Nielsen ratings website and sign up they will send you a couple of bucks and they aren’t the government its the way it works with surveys

    • Daenerys Targaryen says:


  5. Dolphin T says:

    People answering these questions always have that “I’m a dumb fuk look”

  6. Sam Sanderson says:

    DO NOT TRUST WALSH! I’m from Massachusetts and I don’t believe this man has EVER told the complete truth. There’s ALWAYS something that he’s hiding.

    • MrShanester117 says:

      Kennedy is exactly the same

    • 2 U says:

      Isn’t that the basic requirement to occupy a senate seat? But truthfully I’m more concerned with the citizens that put them there. I think it would be an excellent investment in human infrastructure to raise Americans Literacy levels to compete with civilized Nations

    • Landon Reihs says:

      You think we’ve ever trusted these people lmao, we’re their little game and they’ve controlled what we do and most times the outcome

    • Rye Rob says:

      @2 U that investment in human infrastructure wont be for Americans…it’ll be used on the millions of immigrants rushing across our borders during 10% Biden’s time as the tyrannical leader of the nation

    • InvestorGuy66 says:

      @MrShanester117 Something tells me that you’d say the same thing if God Himself held Kennedy’s seat.

  7. Hans Hans says:

    The Secretary’s look at the end was priceless, my friend.

  8. omsk11051 says:

    if a “Labor” secretary wears THIS BIG RING, he has nothing to do with labor per se, he is a bureaucrat that lines his OWN pockets with all the federal $$/ TAX PAYERS $$ by means of lying and allotting fat projects to his cronies who give him kick-backs

    • Jim Mcintyre says:

      Same with either party

    • Paolo Curradini says:

      Do you know what “Labor” even means? Based on what you wrote I highly doubt it, but then an even more fascinating question emerges: what could you possibly think labor might mean, that would justify the belief that it’s secretary can’t wear whatever he wants?

    • Ann says:

      I just looked at all my broken nails!

  9. Gail Jones says:

    Imagine how well every American could be living if these people had any respect for how they spend OUR money? Love the I looked it up on the internet.

  10. Deconverted Man says:

    Billion – money like that is something we will never see – they toss it around like its nothing. Madness.

    • Betty Brown says:

      Right now I am in need of 50000 Eight thousànd for publication copy right and Patten right s, for two games boards created by seventhdae recognizing the arm forces ww1 ww2 though viet nam
      Amotarvator for recruitment for future warriors, send children to school down to the forth generation, fixing delapadated homes plus my own
      We can help others but we can not because there’s no equality for the poor to pay the bill that is demanding, talent going to the dust, people that want to get off of wellfare and can’t having the means to do so, what a waste. Books movie songs and games:tax’s ; contribution s for the poor is my idea, what was his agenda?

    • Cindy Pomerleau says:

      Sad to know djt addes 8 trillion to national debt with nothing to show for it.

    • brmillgr says:

      its all a plan, they have to destroy the dollar completely. Start digging deeper

    • Daenerys Targaryen says:

      Easy to spend when it is not your money [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ιοο̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]

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