OnePlus 6T Review: New Design, Same Price!

OnePlus 6T Review: New Design, Same Price!

OnePlus 6T: This is what happens when you teach an old phone new (design) tricks.
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Intro Track: Equilibre by Hocus Pocus (Instrumental)


Phone provided by OnePlus for review.

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76 Responses

  1. Zachary Snyder says:

    I’m really impressed by this phone, but one of my favorite things to see these days are companies that swore they’d never get rid of the headphone jack.. get rid of the headphone jack.

    • Drissi Mohamed says:

      I think that the worst way to transmit audio is 3.5 mm jack try it in ur car or ur home cinema, u will understand how much quality u r losing because of analog signal

    • zeroxlulu says:

      +Drissi Mohamed ??? riiiiiight.

    • Lucya V. says:

      +Aaron Staes 100 euro? Dude I wish ppl my age had so much money to spend on headphones lol

    • zeroxlulu says:

      +Aaron Staes lmao you’re still spending like $110 USD for audio quality of a $15 pair of wired earbuds. Have fun with your music constantly breaking up or having you earbuds die on you in the middle of a work out.

    • FattusMaximos says:

      +Drissi Mohamed Are you out of your mind? Bluetooth headphones compress the signal so it will always be less quality than listening directly through regular headphones, even if you don’t notice it.

  2. Fevziye says:

    i hate notches but this notch is looking sexy <3

  3. Mihai Petrescu says:

    +Marques Brownlee, awesome videos!

    Quick question: can you unlock the phone with the in-display fingerprint sensor without first waking up the device?

    I noticed in your video that every time you unlocked it with the fingerprint sensor you first pressed the power button. I’m asking because I tend to use my phones using only one hand and that might be a deal breaker for me.

    Thank you in advance…peace! 🙂

  4. VMiXEZ says:

    man 128GB for less than $600. we’re talking good price here.

  5. Rupesh Tashildar says:

    No one on earth would sacrifice a heaphone jack for indisplay finger print scanner

    • BizyGi says:

      Vordon Zon I’ve been using wireless earbuds/headphones for years and I still preferred wired. There’s the stress of making sure your earbuds are charged in addition to your phone. Especially if you’re using earbuds. Until battery life drastically improves, I’ll always prefer never having to worry about battery for earbuds. Also wireless headphones are still more expensive on average than wired and wired headbuds usually have much better quality for the price than wireless.

    • Matt Cop says:

      Unless you’re a complete audiophile the average consumer doesn’t care about the headphone jack. Most people are switching over to bluetooth headphones.

    • PhonicUK says:

      Speak for yourself.

    • Mohammad EL-Shebeny says:

      Who cares…

    • Ghassan Al Ayassah says:

      I do
      With Bluetooth 5.0
      Its easy

  6. Omnifas says:

    How does the fingerprint sensor work with apps with fingerprint unlock? Does it overlay the sensor graphic or something?

  7. El Pablo says:

    OnePlus – New Design, Same Price
    Apple – Old Design , 200$ more

    • Mitty 2004 says:

      +Thomas dude their notch has been the exact same since the iPhone x

    • Mitty 2004 says:

      +Kyd RON it’s true the internals are different the iPhone xr has an 860p display instead of a 1080p display that they’ve had since the iPhone 6s lol

    • Federico Funaro says:

      +PetesPC even OnePlus knows their notch is bad.
      They tell you to hide it
      Apple uses it as a design feature and a sell point

    • Federico Funaro says:

      $200 more

      With wireless charging, Apple cameras (that I think are better)
      Apple’s own software, THOSE ANIMOJIS, and a much better processor

  8. Food Gurudev says:

    Never Settle.. Headphone jack removed ?

  9. crazythegamer says:

    The year that I upgraded they add compatability with Verizon. Just my luck.

  10. Tomahawk93 says:

    I see you’re wearing some Casey Merch

  11. Shahar Rosner says:

    No headphone jack, no money in the bank!

  12. Taikamuna says:

    It would be cool if there were phones with no front camera. Because there are definitely people out there who never use the front camera (like me). It would solve the notch issue and look really nice.

  13. Tanner Robinson says:

    Watches a OnePlus 6T review on a OnePlus 6 while using the 3.5mm headphone jack and charging the phone.

  14. Walid El Assili says:

    Definitely my next phone! I have the 5t now. Can’t wait for Nov 6 to buy it!! 256GB Storage and In Display fingerprint scanner?! Yes please!!

  15. الكتروني نت says:

    Pixel 3 XL left the conversation

  16. MeisterPC says:

    Remember when 1+1 was only $299?

    • Zero. 0 says:

      I had the 1+1. What a fabulous device, especially for its price! I didn’t buy a OP device after it, since they followed other companies and gradually increased their prices with each model release. Granted, they’re not as bad as Samsung or Apple but still… I’m rocking a ZTE Axon 7 still and it’s also great for its price.

    • Tigerscar 123 says:

      +Zero. 0 I have an Axon 7 too but im trying to upgrade, already replaced the battery once and within a few months its already really poor. The speakers are so damn amazing though. With no bezels, no one except the razer phone even comes close to it anymore. and ZTE software is HORRENDOUS and i have never found a single custom rom that was good.

    • Josh. says:

      +Zero. 0 oneplus’ goal is to offer flagship devices for half the cost of most other flagships. The 1+ 1 was $299 because other flagships around that time were in the $600 range. Now that most flagships are around $900-$1000, oneplus offers similar phones for around 500. Obviously they are going to increase their prices, just like every other business does as time goes on.

  17. David Sage says:

    The one plus 6t is back to basics

    Reminiscence of the OG essential phone ✔✔

  18. Gregory Chin Liang Chuin says:

    Where to download the wallpaper you are using?

  19. Jam Lee says:

    No headphone jack? I’m out ✌

  20. Ares says:

    That is how you do budget. Learn Apple.

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