Open Announcement 17.5

Open Announcement 17.5

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20 Responses

  1. Alessandro Puglielli says:


  2. Jamie Gulden says:

    SARA is a freakin Beast! Love her.

  3. Hope Heitman says:

    Can’t believe Dave dropped an F-bomb over a jumprope on a live stream

  4. Alanna says:

    27:00 – 17.5 announcement
    34:30 – Workout begins

  5. Rafael Rocha says:

    so sad for Sara, she could’ve won this.

  6. neversaw says:

    Marquez in his bow tie, what an adorable little shit!

  7. clay rector says:

    lol put the fucking rope on the floor

  8. Luis Herrarte says:

    Katrin’s thrusters are impressive, her movement is so clean and efficient, also her dubs, no wonder this lady is a 2 time champion!

  9. Motivation by Design says:

    Still blows mind how unfit I am compared to these women!

  10. Scottosphere says:

    Was it the camera angle or was Sara not locking out her arms at the top of the thrusters near the end? It seemed like toward the end Katrin was exaggerating the lock-out, but Sara didn’t go to full extension. Anyone else?

  11. Mikkel Lindblom says:

    their Are many No rep thrusters from Sara?

  12. Szabolcs Rabb says:

    No reps for Sara…………

  13. Stavros skoteinos Triadas says:

    and there is the RED EPIC DRAGON back there …very expensive camera

  14. Stephanie Kieft says:

    i cant fuckin wait for the games!!!!

  15. Nicola Viganò says:

    Did anybody notice the t-shirt of the guy at 19:57??

  16. Kevin Danf says:

    What rope were they using when completing that workout ? Can anyone please let me know.

  17. Alex Douglas says:

    Annie Sakamoto looks more jacked every year

  18. Adrian Dommisse says:

    Sad for Sara, but she was close to the line with her below parallel squats, and Katrin’s were perfect.

  19. Johyn no says:

    she choked jhahaha. can not handle the pressure of being in the lead.

  20. Approved Workman says:

    Dave Castro drives me nuts. He is the face of the games but acts like a college kid

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