Opening a Condom in a Wind Tunnel

Opening a Condom in a Wind Tunnel

Gav and Dan try to stay upright in an 80 mph wind tunnel. The location is usually used for aerodynamic testing but the Slow Mo Guys have other things in mind.

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52 Responses

  1. Char Vv says:

    2:45 when you nut but she keeps sucking

  2. Apocalyps says:

    Chav: “Sorry baby, I don’t wear condoms b/c they’re too small for me.”
    Bird: “Oh really?” ? 9:44

  3. Matt Ayala says:

    3:29 – Checking to see if Annie’s okay.

  4. MostDopeNick says:

    you guys should do one of an iguana changing its camoflauge

  5. MYSTERYLEE says:

    Sliding into your girl’s DMs like 10:57

  6. Julian Emdon says:

    Looks like you’re battling a rabid worm who then becomes your friend ?

  7. Setnour6 says:

    I never knew condoms were that huge (the thumbnail)

  8. The Kings2758 says:

    When yo girl says your small than expected, then you say…

    “OH, this is only my base form, I can go *FURTHER BEYOND”*

  9. Dharmesh Solanki says:

    get the strongest umbrella and fly like mary poppins

  10. Miguelito says:

    Can someone seriously tell me what brand of condoms they used.

  11. Air Command Rockets says:

    8:01 … Video encoder says: …. “Oh boy, here we go”

  12. MalinDeMunich says:

    Haven’t watched the vid yet. I just wanted to note just how awesome of a transition it is from the majesty and power of nature’s geysers and waterfalls to two blokes playing with a rubber.

  13. jevan king says:

    “My mouth is so dry”
    *me thinking of the earlier comment about wind tunnels*
    Does this mean dans been sucked dry ?

  14. Steven Bringhurst says:

    11:08 Dan’s new LinkedIn profile photo

  15. Jacob Chen says:

    Who thought that when Gav would jump, he would just be flung straight back into the wall like Anime?

  16. Revonex says:

    6:22; Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good.

  17. TrollFaceTheMan says:

    Glad to see that they wore protection in the tunnel otherwise who knows what might of happened during a strong blow?

    (I am talking about the tethers on their waist of course…)

  18. joelnert says:

    What brand was that rubber? What an amazing commercial displaying the durability this would make.

  19. A penguin named Sharon says:

    Episode 1: Professional crew, one of the most beautiful phenomena on earth
    Episode 2: condoms

  20. Siddharth Singh says:

    Petition to make 2:35 as the new Slow Mo Guys display picture

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