Oprah With Meghan And Harry First Look | “There’s A Lot That’s Been Lost”

Oprah With Meghan And Harry First Look | “There’s A Lot That’s Been Lost”

Oprah asks Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, how she feels about the palace hearing her speak her truth on the special. Watch Oprah with Meghan and Harry: A Primetime Special on Sunday, Mar. 7 at 8/7c on CBS.

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82 Responses

  1. Saylor Werthington says:

    This is about to be an absolute shitshow and I AM SO READY!

  2. Faith Buenaventura says:

    This is my Super Bowl.

  3. K Jay says:

    Meghan’s spilling the tea? Meghan’s throwing the tea!!!!!

  4. Jonny Leo says:

    International viewers attendance check!

  5. grod805 says:

    Its 4:00AM in London right now. The press is gonna go crazy over there

    • Vitaluv says:

      @My name is Aminé that is where the most gutter of people reside. The hood, urban areas get a bad rap being trash, but the truth is higher the position on the totem pole the more trash you are. Not everyone but most.

    • Vitaluv says:

      @Callie Prince the only one lying is YOU. And there is actudl data to back it up.

    • Emma JK says:

      The UK press has been for ages now.

    • Palma 308 says:

      @Rach G Law and Order doesn’t apply to Royalty. You seem to not understand the meaning of priveledge. The only evidence I need to form my opinion was given by the accused himself, and the prosecution and subsequent suicide of his acquaintance.

  6. showbizroxs says:

    Breaking News: The Crown has been renewed for seasons 7 and 8.

  7. Marcus Kamau says:

    Sunday night *tea will be well served.

  8. Astrid Franco says:

    I just want Oprah to ask Meghan what her thoughts on princes Andrew are 😆

  9. ToniUnderTwenty says:


  10. rssand says:

    A lot of times, these types of interviews don’t really end up revealing a whole lot. They may allude to different issues, but very unlikely they’ll share anything specific to the world.

    • Jack M says:

      I am expecting it to be largely reiterating the story told in Finding Freedom, the biography that they claim not to have assisted. Only this time it will be from the horses’ mouths and in punchier soundbites that will define their side of the narrative for years to come.
      It will be interesting to know whether Oprah tackes the race question. Also, if she asks about conflict with any member of the royal family (especially William) or if the Sussexes admit that they might have made mistakes.

    • Lindsay Knowles says:

      Also, it’s the same information we’ve known all along, but packaged differently.

    • Guerrera Velez says:

      @Maxi 789 it’s Meghan, you moron. Not “MeGain”. Disrespectful fool.

    • Sam A says:

      For real

  11. elyrexo says:

    This would have been more interesting and dignified if they’d done the interview in Oprah’s hot tub.

    • Bohwe says:

      What is with people and “dignified”, “royal”, “monarchy”? There’s nothing royal or “dignified” by a royal family until recently were marrying cousins, uncles and aunts. The whole royal family is about inbreeding because outsiders weren’t pure and beneath them, and yet regular folks worship the monarchy, it’s crazy. Their subjects would rather glorify incest than to have a commoner like them be part of the royal family. There’s nothing dignified about allegedly mistreating a young woman, because she’s half-black, American, etc. There’s nothing dignified mocking this woman and calling her baby a chimp. What some people call dignified, I call tacky, tasteless, pathetic.

    • BB says:

      @Bohwe They are UK’s real life mascots. Everyone likes a good mascot for their team. Leave the mascots please.

    • BB says:

      Brilliant idea!!! Oprah would have significantly more viewers if she had your brains. She needs you for her come back. Please DM her.

    • Mr2at says:

      Hot tub filled with bake beans or custard

    • Joe Keyes says:

      Jacuzzis hide the farts better, and looking at umpah there will be plenty.

  12. Richard says:

    And I thought that they hated the media! Unbelievable…..

    • Vaishali Patel says:

      @Paige it’s like saying they shouldn’t expect criticism. They signed up to be in the public eye they have to expect the consequences of the job. It’s like saying kylie Jenner shouldn’t deserve hate.

    • Richard says:

      @Paige All they’re interested in is positive media exposure….you can’t just pick and chose when it suits you, life just isnt like that.

    • Nanometer Bee says:

      @Beth Bradley as a person from South Africa, we all don’t have terrible poor lives. She visited my university and was a really nice person. Idk whats she like behind closed doors, but if this comment was anything like the press she’s got, I totally get her wanting complete control of her life.

    • Beth Bradley says:

      @Nanometer Bee I never said everyone from Africa has terrible lives but it is common knowledge that a lot of people in Africa don’t even have clean drinking water. For a member of the royal family to comment about her own struggles whilst on duty in Africa is just plain disgusting. I stand by my comment and I really don’t know how anybody could justify it. Whilst I appreciate your opinion, we here in the UK send Africa foreign aid for a reason. I live in a 1 bedroom flat so no where near the luxury that Meghan had and I still wouldn’t put my needs first when doing duties in Africa. It is not what she was there for and I honestly do think it was a very selfish thing to do, especially as she claims to be a humanitarian.

    • Tahtahme's Diary says:

      Yall seriously comparing the racist BS of the British media and paparazzi to OPRAH WINFREY who actually wants to talk to them and hear their side? 😕😒

  13. Chris M says:

    Honestly, I had no idea who Meghan Markle was until she began dating Prince Harry.

    • Chris M says:

      @Ann Fergie – The highest rated episode EVER for the show “Suits” had a total of 4.6 Million viewers. That means that 323.8 Million people in America never watched it. The average viewers for Season 7 (the final season that Meghan Markle) was 1.07 Million viewers. That’s about the same as the population as the city of San Antonio, Texas. So, most Americans had never watched the show or heard of her.

    • Kate2309 says:

      @Happy little Penguin imagine believing the world doesnt know something just because YOU dont know about it 😆

    • Vaishali Patel says:

      @Gondola Kate is not a celebrity nor does she claim to be so. Your comparing different people from different backgrounds. Kate is a “commoner” so that would be understandable but she doesn’t put out-right that she is a celebrity.

    • azmary1 says:

      @She Can Do It! no I am self made very successful and educated. Some dumb actress gold digger doesn’t influence me. But I do want her scheming lying person to get what she deserves.

    • Unravel says:

      @Sebdcord and the royal family is all about gossip and drama and first world problems. Literally do something better with their lives.

  14. Mark Tobias says:

    Will be a massive anti climax. Don’t look forward to it too much

  15. Proper says:

    The music tells you this is sensationalism.

  16. G MG says:

    Talking about marriage across classes! 😁

  17. Boffin Grusky says:

    Guys, learn from Harry’s mistake.

  18. Deedee Grace says:

    What about the bullied female assistants? Will Oprah allow them to tell their truth as well? Oh right! That won’t make as much money! 😒

  19. antony wagstaff says:

    She knew what was involved when she got with him just makes a mockery of the royal family. They are leaches, trying to make a couple extra pounds off there story!!!

  20. Dr. Bruno Recipes says:

    Have a lovely day everyone. Lets make the most of our life on this earth and help one and another 🙂

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