Orange Is the New Black: Titus Has Arrived | Moviefone

Orange Is the New Black: Titus Has Arrived | Moviefone

There’s a new queen bee at Litchfield Penitentiary, and his name is Titus Andromedon.
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13 Responses

  1. KickBum says:

    fake and gay…

  2. theminkowskitensor says:

    +KickBum Exactly.

  3. KickBum says:

    +theminkowskitensor you see where i was going.

  4. iReima says:

    Did they Seinfeldvision him in

  5. TonyVS says:

    +iReima Maybe you should just tell me the name of the movie you selected?

  6. donvodki says:

    this is insane lol

  7. accidentallygraceful says:

    I would watch this SO HARD

  8. Kobe tevaga says:

    “so hard”

  9. ExemptuousAquatic says:

    Unbreakable Furiosa now this?… I love it! : )

  10. angie angle says:

    Too Funny

  11. briettasharee says:

    I’m mad because this isn’t really a thing.

  12. G4Senju says:


  13. Eugene Dikkins says:

    Just came here for the face honestly. 0:50