Orthodontist Reacts: Clear Braces That Stain Yellow 😳 #shorts

Orthodontist Reacts: Clear Braces That Stain Yellow 😳 #shorts

As an orthodontist, I do not recommend clear ties when you have clear braces, because they often stain very easily. Instead, try using very light colors such as Pearl Blue or Light Blue, which are still barely noticeable on the braces, but are way less prone to staining from foods.

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28 Responses

  1. Lemon&Limeade says:

    i kinda want pearl blue or sunset colored braces or an aligners because i already have glasses and dont wannt be the laughing stock of the school 😕

    • Yea it’s Lys says:

      don’t worry they’ll be jealous when you have the perfect teeth and they don’t 🙂
      Edit: I had braces and glasses!

    • Gillette Wow says:

      No one really cares if you have braces, at least, that’s what my school did. Maybe it’s because I was already non-existent to everyone but idk

    • ItsUNooEr says:

      Honestly if people are going to make fun of you for taking care of yourself that is their issue. When you get those braces and wear them glasses eventually you’ll glow up and all them ugly mfer who made fun of you with their bank teeth and strained eyes will be jealous 💀

    • Natalie says:

      when i was in school some of the most popular kids had both braces and glasses

    • Aly Lount says:

      I was the same way for my whole freshman year of highschool I also have freckles so it made it worse it’s just a matter of finding the right people

  2. Ellen Marie says:

    In other words…choose PEARL BLUE ties!!! 😁

  3. Yeet Yeet says:

    I chose light blue at first when I got in my braces and it was green within days🙃

    Edit: don’t come for me lol it would wash off sometimes but one time I ate Cheeto puffs and it was green for the rest of my time having them

  4. Kat says:

    I chose the braces that were plain silver brackets… they didn’t have the option to change colors and were much smaller than the brackets in the video, I honestly think that’s the better option

  5. Ai Bui says:

    I remember getting pink braces as a kid. My father was so mad at me that he forced my orthodontist to change my colours to blue.


    • Kees Verhagen says:

      Because you were not a girl or gay ? And he was at the Marines ? 🤭

    • Ai Bui says:

      @Kees Verhagen he wasn’t from the marines. I just liked the colour and most pastel light colours.

      I guess at the end, I did turn out to want to become a girl. So I guess that was a seed or something.

    • Lunar Eclipse says:

      Awww, pink sounds so cute. I’m scared to get light colors like that though 🙁 (haven’t gotten braces yet but I am going to sometime this year.) Did you ever go back to pink?

  6. Bxanana.Mïłkxk says:

    My braces are currently lavender but I’m switching back to maroon or red soon!

  7. Siera D says:

    good to know my favorite “color” is clear so given the option i would choose clear. now i have to remember this when i do get braces.

  8. Alex Ryngaert says:

    that’s why i always got black train bands, they made my teeth look really white

  9. Christine Cordrey says:

    When I had braces I had them adjusted weekly so this never happened. Of course it was 4 years of literal torture and now I have no teeth at all ( a lot to do with the braces themselves) . Braces can very much be a enormous waste of money and a huge trauma. I rather have crooked teeth then no teeth.

  10. • Ashlyn Kay • says:

    i like light blue and light purple those are my go to colors, the lavender makes me teeth look really white in pictures

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