Oscar 2017 FAIL -Best Picture -Moonlight wins over LA LA Land

Oscar 2017 FAIL -Best Picture -Moonlight wins over LA LA Land

OSCARS 2017 FAIL. LA LA Land Looses to Moonlight for Best Picture!!

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20 Responses

  1. saskgirlly says:

    Gimme that damn envelope,,,,,,,,

  2. fool4singing says:

    How cool to see Faye and Warren together again!

  3. hellokimmy says:

    Thanks for uploading, all the other videos only showed the part where they said it was a mistake.

  4. dcw 490 says:

    Love these awkward moments. Something tells me though this was staged for ratings. It’s a shame Hollywood has to cave to political correctness. I saw all the nominated films and Moonlight was NOT even close to the best.

  5. Brendan McNamara says:

    L-O-L Land

  6. maccon1 says:

    He looks so conflicted. He’s like, “this can’t be right but this is the oscars, it can’t be a mistake could it?

  7. Mike Hunt says:

    And the winner is……. white guilt

  8. Waweru Ngigi says:

    moonlight was the better film. Well deserved.

  9. Going Coastal says:

    The Academy staged the flub to humiliate blacks.

  10. Olokunful says:

    Somebody in production is gonna get it for this one. Bruh was ready to fight! It’s one thing to have the Oscar go to someone else but to give a speech and hold it is a real L! The Moonlight cast and crew missed their traditional Oscar moment. SMH for all of them. #HowSWAY

  11. John Stromboly says:

    Bonnie and Clyde went for the big robbery tonight

  12. LRog87 says:

    Half the losers here saying that this was a PC move never even saw Moonlight. You all love showing what racists POS you are. It’s only PC when a cast of black people win. Y’all are gross.

  13. Poppy Nor says:

    This is worse then miss universe

  14. francisco darko says:

    wait a minute !!! Warren didn’t speak SHE DID.

  15. Jose Angel EnGu says:

    Warren Beatty did it on purpose

  16. SayNoToTroll says:

    Wow, not cool to La La Land or Moonlight.

  17. Michał Lewandowski says:

    i think kkk wanted to la la land to win so bad they gave warren different card

  18. Lawstidentity says:

    Moments like is when you need to do rehearsals before sending these dumbasses

  19. Pering Pratama says:

    ahh this is remember me to miss colombia

  20. Sofia The Original Pirena says:

    So….. Miss Universe invades Oscars

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