Oscars 2018: Nominations Announcement

Oscars 2018: Nominations Announcement

Tiffany Haddish and Andy Serkis announce this year’s nominees. Watch the #Oscars live on Sunday, March 4, on ABC.

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92 Responses

  1. RocKsi J says:

    I`m here to announce that Hugh Jackman deserved better for both Logan and The Greatest Showman.

  2. Cinema Max says:

    Yes finally Christopher Nolan got what he dserved

  3. Awad Alyoussef says:

    I am so happy for Christopher Nolan for his nominations in both best director and best picture

  4. Mitchell Powers says:

    Blade Runner 2049 was snubbed. At least Roger Deakins will/should win after 13 nominations.

    • Some Random Name says:

      I personally hope he looses all 13.
      Nothing against the guy, 2049 was just a bland sci fi film.

    • Majed Hakawati says:

      Some Random Name whatever you think about the movie doesn’t matter, it’s cinematography we’re talking about

    • Feerd.inand Genzz says:

      Some Random Name you know what was a bland scifi film? All the latest Star Trek/Wars movies. BR 2049? Not so much. Also don’t be biased, just because you may not like the genre doesn’t mean it’s not a good movie (which it is) or has good cinematography (which it does). Just look at the stills.

  5. Carin Cartaphilus says:

    No Blade Runner 2049 for best picture?

  6. Rami Alj says:

    Meryl Streep and Denzel filling up a spot in the best actress and actor category again, how shocking…..

    • ii gogi says:

      i’m not mad that meryl streep has been nominated again,yes she is a hypocrite,and pedophile suporter,and we al know that she knew about harvey,and her politics are idiotic at least,but she is the most versatile actress of all time,and deserve all of her nomination.

    • Firefly Creative Group says:

      For me it’s a bad sign she always gets nominated… Like if there weren’t many good actresses so they couldn’t fill the five nominees. Jessica was snubbed that’s for sure.

    • Specsome Ideas says:

      Nutricula I totally agree with you

    • Jeff says:

      Franco should have been nominated, but I get why voters overlooked him. Even if he’s innocent, which I think he is, It would have been an obvious black mark on the night.

    • ii gogi says:

      People, get over it!Academy is in love with Meryl Streep,and nobody can do anything about it.

  7. Movie Lover says:

    I wish Armie Hammer could’ve got in

    • Elijah Ballack says:

      Bo Thornton me too, I have mixed emotions. I went through something like this a few years ago elio was like me a few years back. In the books you can read his thoughts but the movie was amazing. Also Amira was wonderful, so beautiful and she also didn’t speak much but with her expressions you can tell what she thought or hint of what she knew was going on. She is beautiful also.

    • Bo Thornton says:

      I have been devastated like Elio twice in my lifetime. Although I these experiences shattered me, they made me a strong and determined person. Deep and true love is something that is very rare. It is better to lose it than it is to never have experienced it. I thought Amira was fantastic, too. I am very much looking forward to the Call Me By Your Name sequel.

    • Quyền Phan says:

      I love both of them but honestly Armie’s performance was not that impressive to be nominated. His eyes contact and gestures were kind of rehearsed in some scenes.

    • Jean Kennedy says:

      Armie gave the best performance of his career, full of tenderness and sensitivity. It was a beautiful portrayal of an apparently self-confident man who gradually reveals his vulnerability and his insecurities, more in glances and gestures than in just saying words. But they gave a nomination to Woody Harrelson instead??? Unbelievable…..

    • Avaneesh M says:

      Me too! But I guess that since the categories were just so competitive that he couldn’t get in. Hoping that he gets better roles and more recognition from here on cause his acting is beautiful and it just resonates with you so much

  8. Ben Wyatt says:

    Bladerunner 2049 &’ Denis Villeneuve getting overlooked in so many categories is absolutely disgusting. If Roger Deakins doesn’t win than this awards show is a popularity contest. At least Logan got nominated for the category it absolutely deserves.

  9. greg parch says:

    Poor James Franco, fake accusations fucked up his chances.

  10. Felix Bergbauer says:

    Here are the nominees for…
    4:34 production design
    5:39 cinematography
    6:39 costume design
    7:34 sound
    8:32 sound mixing
    9:06 animated short film
    10:01 live action short film
    10:37 original score
    11:36 visual effects
    12:41 film editing
    13:39 makeup and hairstyling
    18:41 supporting actress
    19:19 supporting actor
    20:02 foreign language film
    20:30 documentary short
    21:09 documentary feature
    21:35 original song
    22:07 animated feature film
    22:33 adapted screenplay
    23:21 original screenplay
    23:53 leading actor
    24:45 leading actress
    25:22 directing
    26:13 best picture

  11. Hassan Mohamed says:

    Where the hell is James Franco??

  12. Johnny Police says:

    damn she was not ready at all

    • Rudolph Sturling says:

      Johnny Police at least she was black

    • Darth Revan says:

      Rudolph Sturling why does that matter?

    • Funk O'Matic says:

      Johnny Police look..ive been hearing good stuff bout her in that black rough night flick of hers.. but c’mon..show some professionalism why don’tcha..?
      youve been given this opportunity to SHINE in front of THE WORLD, not just the States…AND the responsibility to READ..just READ the damn prompter..! thus, couldnt she do some extra preps by AT LEAST learning the names of most of the actors n directors who’ve been getting nominated in this awards season..not that many with really hard-to-pronounce names…
      n to fuck it up on a brutha’s name, man… embarrassingly stupid..not in a funny way, at all… it’s KaluuYa.. Y dont sound like W..far from it..dumbass.. Kha-loo-yuh…geez… so irritated by that..if can tell… 😐

    • Dr No says:

      Johnny Police she’s ugly and irrelevant just like all black girls with darker skin than Rihanna.

    • MC Langford says:

      Why does her being black matter for good and bad? She’s not hosting the Oscars she’s just pronouncing some hard ass names for announcements that people will mostly read on a variety article instead of watching. She acknowledged everytjme she messed up and it was pretty funny I don’t see what’s wrong. The show went on smoothly as it was

  13. liaison dangereuse says:

    this lady is such an amateur


    I love watching the Oscar.
    But that wasn’t so good.
    That was great.



  16. Gabrielle Hunter says:

    So glad Timothée Chalamet got nominated he totally deserved it!

  17. Sugar Ray Ego says:

    Blade runner was snubbed

  18. Nathan LandShark says:

    I hope this Oscars won’t be political. I want this night…. To be for film ❤️

  19. Claire Knight says:

    1) Why did they pick a woman who can’t read? Did she not get the names ahead of time? They must’ve known some names were hard to pronounce. Shady.
    2) Yes Mary J Blige deserves this nomination!
    3) Get Out was a good film, slightly comedic even though it was supposed to be horror, kinda like It was, really surprised it made it tbh
    4) James Franco was snubbed, but given the situation we all know why, still makes me mad that Woody Allen and Roman Polanski—literal pedos and rapists—weren’t given the same treatment for worse crimes

  20. GeniusDolphin says:

    Art is art. The accusations should be taken aside. James Franco should be nominated for the work in the FILM itself.

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