OSU Shooting | 1 Suspect Dead

OSU Shooting | 1 Suspect Dead

A suspect is dead after an active shooter report at the Ohio State University campus in Columbus, Ohio, this morning, according to the Columbus Department of Public Safety.

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20 Responses

  1. Nicole MacDonald says:

    So sad

  2. what are you doing in my swamp says:

    damn D:

  3. brian s says:

    it was a knife stabbing, not a shooting

  4. Hugh Jazz says:

    this wouldn’t have happened if the refs had the right spot on 4th down

  5. Djuro Milovic says:

    come on you guys are making this sound like it was another Columbis high
    massacre, and that Virginia massacre when that north Korean dude killed

  6. Ian Mizell says:

    had my heart going. though it was Oklahoma state University. I just came
    back from class when this popped up

  7. kendra tylee says:

    Idk why I got a notification for this, I’m not subscribed to ABC News. I’m
    seriously confused. ???

  8. Nonya Busnezz says:

    I knew it was some Muslim as soon as they did reporting and it took them
    forever to report on the person who did it. That was my first clue that the
    Liberals were trying to cover this up.

  9. Comedy on the Go! says:

    I have to go to a football game there on Thursday and I am truly terrified
    to do so and my mom said the guy was dead but that was one suspect

  10. Shane Marcotte says:

    Ban knives and Honda Civics!!

  11. Space Monkey says:


  12. E.Light Everything says:

    my friend in class. his dad is a patrol there. Our class was one of the
    first people to know about it because he told us

  13. brandon frey says:

    incorrect title, also just 1 person with concealed carry would have ended
    this real quick, gun free zones are what criminals want

  14. K 9501 says:

    Can we just appreciate that ABC got their information wrong.


  15. Jackson Waddleton says:

    How he a shooter when he used a knife

  16. novemberain says:

    Distraction hoax to divert America’s attention from hitlery’s pizzagate!!!!

  17. Adam Jones says:

    God dammit lying media. It was a Muslim for Samaria who hit people with his
    car, got out and then stabbed people. How the fuck does that qualify as a

  18. Jesus Christ says:

    Why so many dislikes you demons!

  19. cracker gamer says:

    Ohhh shiiiiiiiiit

  20. Jaden Turner says:

    he didn’t have a gun he only had a knife. This shows how the media can
    easily lie to the public to try and scare us.