Our hotel had an interesting key policy…

Our hotel had an interesting key policy…

Complete hotel key fail at the rodeway inn, Gallup New Mexico. (Yes we had separate beds…) Took place durring our epic 4000 mile trip to the Rubicon trail in California.
For more great videos of our trek, Chris took some great video and will have some up soon i’m sure. Check out Chris’ channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZF8UMlW9OQrqaZMJWLHpAQ

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19 Responses

  1. bigmac turd says:

    seems like the girl at the desk is stupid

  2. Sasha Aridegbe says:

    That is freaking insane n they need to be sued frfr smh

  3. abram3 says:


  4. TheShutYoMouth says:

    Won’t keep out those bad roaches.

  5. iCrazyJelly says:

    fuck it master key for everyone less money less time

  6. Kim Powell says:

    And folks this is why you stay at a hotel and not a motel :)

  7. Isolde E-G says:

    oh my god I love the southwest

  8. Pinshe_Loko says:

    nice fukin jeeps ese ! yeah i got my white tendencies after hanging around
    a bunch of infantrymen for a while.

  9. MisterAdamApples says:

    wtf funny how people don’t know the difference between a hotel and a motel.
    that is clearly a crappy Motel. Entrances are accessible from the exterior
    of building. $20 a night was the second clue.

  10. boostspike says:

    This motel charges by the hour….

  11. Critter Heyhey says:

    Dude, you’re staying is a $30/nt motel straight out of a campy horror
    movie. You’re lucky you didn’t wake up with 10 naked guys staring at you
    with baseball bats hand carved to look like horse dicks.

  12. Filthy Fucking Faggot says:

    OMG now I wanna go there! Maybe some big tough Mexican boys will break in
    and rape me. Well not exactly rape but whatever.

  13. Kyleigh Davis says:

    major key ???

  14. jman says:

    well I’m sure they didn’t want to upset anyone by denying them access to
    other rooms. that would be a terrible crime. hahaha

  15. Nate Walker says:

    Lawsuit from hell!

  16. jimmymustardface says:

    I hear ya. I was in there practicing my mantra when some random dudes in a
    jeep went up and down the row unlocking and opening everybody’s doors.

  17. Timothy Lopez says:

    That’s terrible hotel management

  18. ChroniKz Junior says:

    jesse pinkman could use that for making some quick cash for drugs

    beacause there in new mexico

  19. iBeLaggiin says:

    Why was this in my recommend