Introducing our new home together!!

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Zane – IG @Zane

Mariah – IG @mariahamato

Matt – IG @mattrking

Todd – IG @todderic_

David – IG @daviddobrik

Jason – IG @jasonnash

Carly – IG @carlyincontro

Erin – IG @eringilfoy

Scott – IG @vanilladingdong

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27 Responses

  1. Haileeey Scoupa says:


  2. Zombalaya Q says:

    Okay okay okay, but that keyboard in the office is DOPE AS HELL!!

  3. adw4891 says:

    Congrats – your house is sick! The outside gives off a resort vibe. And the inside is quaint and ballin at the same time lol just good vibes aesthetically all throughout

    You two deserve this!! Healthy Heath and Momma Mariah! Good things happen to good people
    I don’t know how to end this comment 🤷🏼‍♂️

  4. Niveditha Muralidharan says:

    This house is PERFECT. It’s so Heath & Mariah. Not just the interiors, the whole layout itself seems so them. I’m sooo happy for you guys! And I’m so excited for all the fun memories y’all are gonna create around here!!! 💜

  5. Skyler Penn says:

    i just know Mariah is THAT dance teacher in the best way possible and y’all know exactly what i mean lmaoo

  6. Ohana Army says:

    I love how they really care about their friends like they not just choose a room or place for them and say ya okay thats for guesting or something no they really manage it beautifully and heath like keep saying that’s for Zane and if he gets drunk or the Zane and heath unfiltered studio .. omg they really are lucky to have each other

  7. watsitallabout says:

    I feel like this house suits you so much more than the others.

  8. Julian Meyer says:

    The house was build 1931
    All Europeans: yeah so, what are you saying? 😂

  9. Emma Westbury says:

    The aesthetic of this house turns me on… is that weird.

  10. nido says:

    it is SO WILD to me they found each other and actually together like IT BLOWS MY MIND it makes me so happy SO HAPPY

  11. Loobi Roo says:

    Them: casually and humbly showing us the blueprint for the modern day “American dream” like it’s nothing😌
    me: wtf this is the best thing ever, I’m so happy for them, this is a HOME, WHO LIVED THERE?!?? THE STORIES OMG

  12. ayn ledina says:

    “are you kidding me right now you look so cute” shut up heath i’m crying

  13. Brittany Ingraham says:

    When Mariah said “Um hello!!” She sounded like Angelina from jersey shore. 😂😂

  14. Kyra K. says:

    This house is so unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It has A LOT of character and I love the interior design. Everything about it is just so beautiful. I think Heath and Mariah could take up a profession in decorating homes.

  15. Marcos says:

    oh so what you’re saying is is that this house is HAUNTED haunted

  16. Crystal Gail says:

    i just hope that when they get married they’re still living in this house and build a family in this house because it’s so perfect for both of them ❤️

  17. Georgia Emsley says:

    “This is where I film my tic toks”
    “Not me, you wouldn’t catch me dead doing that” same Mariah

  18. Ese Mukoro says:

    Literally Heath, Mariah and Zane are like Chandler, Monica and Joey🥺 live for thisssss

  19. Rehan Rather says:

    better than David’s house but don’t tell him I said that

  20. Caoimhe_Plays says:

    Now THIS is a home.
    Y’all better buy this house

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