Our ProCharged Corvette Hits The Dyno… Bald Eagles are ANGRY!

Our ProCharged Corvette Hits The Dyno… Bald Eagles are ANGRY!

Oh boy, is that the bald eagle machine I hear??
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43 Responses

  1. paradoxdesigns says:

    feeling cute, might go to torreto’s, grab a tuna no crust and get in a parking lot brawl.

  2. JOOGSQUAD says:

    Cooper wears a lsx shirt to his 2jz appointment. Cewt ?

  3. Joel Rader Jr. says:

    You guys have no clue how much I needed this video today. My dad is in the hospital and is not doing well. This video really helped my day get better.

    Love what you guys do. Just keep being yourselves and never change.

  4. Nathan Powers says:

    11:58 ???

    Like for Father Timing ?

  5. PIEB0Y1 says:

    Was anyone else leaning with their head while they were karting lol

  6. bill nalder says:

    Any way you could fit that fuel pressure gauge right against the windscreen?

  7. Charley Betts says:

    Y’all are SOOO big into Drag Racing, why not put Jeremy’s *Youngin* in a Jr. Dragster!??!

  8. boxed fenders says:

    I was going to recommend you guys donating a portion of that food to food shelves…I’ve had to get food from them in the past during harder times and let me tell you it was RARE to get some name brand snacks. You’re going to make some families VERY happy so props to you guys! ??
    19:54 you could push this across the finish line…or tow it

    • White Trash Bandit270 says:

      +nothinelsematters85 me.. I’m hungry..lol

    • [SAW]Spitfire says:

      I agree completely with OP, although I’m here in England I’ve had to go to the food bank, getting some actual treats would’ve made being in the homeless shelter just a little more bearable, its nice to see some folks out there looking out for the less fortunate

    • Trent Simmons says:

      “Help others when you can, especially when it’s easy”. Some of you belong in the ground.

    • boxed fenders says:

      +Trent Simmons the point is he has a great opportunity to help the less fortunate….soquit acting like you’re a saint every minute of every day. We help when we can otherwise most of us have families and lives to run but we help when we can.

    • Trent Simmons says:

      +boxed fenders think you misinterpreted what I said

  9. mad jeeper NH says:

    Cletus, check out fellow tuber’s Bunker Branding Co.!!!! Matt can make all the shirts and of good quality!!!!

  10. Dan Kornfeld says:

    Rubbing is racing! Or at the very least – I’ll call it, “creative drafting”!

  11. MStrickkk says:

    All this fan mail. It’s going to be hard to rebrand to Diabeetus Mcfarland after it’s all consumed.

  12. Chas says:

    You consistently put out such good quality content. Thank you for taking the time to film and then edit all these videos!

  13. Ryan Harris says:

    If you’re ever looking to throw down in the RC world, I’m a good ol’ dirt thrasher here from Tampa Fl! Would be super cool to see ya at the track some time with those Traxxas slash!

  14. Whack bag says:

    I forgot how gorgeous the white C7 was… Damn that’s a fine lookin automobile.

  15. lee minnis says:

    Please tell me I wasn’t the only one tilting my head during the turns on the go karts?

  16. Robin Gale says:

    Please sir full build the 2JZ…. I need a small JDM fix

  17. Longrod McHugendong says:

    “Father timing” haha can we please get a shirt with Jeremy as father timing

  18. DJBATMANGOLD says:

    Coop went to a JDM engine shop, and wore an LSX Tee shirt. _WHAT A LEGEND_

  19. Mo-hammad Abunaser says:

    Coop with the 2J hell yeah brother! Y’all need to make a trip to Japan! Get some JDM x US collabs!

  20. BkS Media says:

    Coop lookin’ like he ain’t ready for the 2JZ life.

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