#OursToLose: Climate Change Affects the Things We Love

#OursToLose: Climate Change Affects the Things We Love

** Sign the petition: https://goo.gl/j3xOYg **

Climate change affects the things we love. But this December we have a huge opportunity. Sign the global petition and ask world leaders to agree to a deal at the COP21 climate conference in Paris.

Learn how climate change might affect …
New York: http://goo.gl/bzcKmj
Sports and fitness: http://goo.gl/WmwPuf
Fall leaves: http://goo.gl/OXQtPW
Chocolate: http://goo.gl/SwQXEg
Skiing: http://goo.gl/3fOca4
The ocean: https://goo.gl/uJNSgp
New Zealand: http://goo.gl/xxquDf
Coral reefs: http://goo.gl/kKceCa

Many thanks to the creators who are participating in this campaign. In order of appearance:

It’s Okay to be Smart: https://youtube.com/user/itsokaytobesmart
Casey Neistat: https://youtube.com/user/caseyneistat
Flavia Calina: https://youtube.com/user/Fla1982
Blogilates: https://youtube.com/user/blogilates
Finn Harries (JacksGap): https://youtube.com/user/JacksGap
FunForLouis: https://youtube.com/user/FunForLouis
Marques Brownlee: https://youtube.com/user/marquesbrownlee
SORTEDfood: https://youtube.com/user/sortedfood
Golden Moustache: http://youtube.com/GoldenMoustacheVideo
DeevaJessica: https://youtube.com/user/deevajessica
Jamie’s World: https://youtube.com/user/theJamiesWorld

“Better Love” by Foxes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQBiPwklN_Q

“Between Land and Sea” by Abrar Mohsin

With special thanks to the World Resources Institute (http://wri.org) for all their help in the development of this project.

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20 Responses

  1. Charly ReyCáz says:


  2. Azdav Maia says:

    why should i care? i have no money, and others want me dead…

  3. Knorx‮ sueihT says:

    *Global warming is a natural process that would run its course too without
    human participation – at most somewhat more slowly!*

  4. Bartosz “Cały Ja” Pussak says:

    Great one!

  5. Глеб Ч says:

    Лучше бы вы своими петициями добились объединения стран против ИГИЛ, он
    куда опаснее, чем проблема вашей чувствительной задницы к слишком теплому

  6. rafemo98 says:

    Can i sign if im minor?

  7. CollegeTalkTV says:

    There been 13950 peer reviewed climate studies between January 1st 1991 and
    November 9th 2012 and only 50 have come back and reject global warming. We
    only get one Earth, we screw this one up and its bye bye human beings.

  8. Suoy Idl says:

    i wana do what i want… Clickn the youtube home button instead on landin
    to another channel i dont wana see…
    youtube, let people decide what they want to watch instead of given me live
    advices i dont need.

  9. Barabator says:

    0:34 she is so cute…

  10. allylauren g says:

    It’s sad to see so much hate people saying nothing will ever change but if
    we make a step now it will soon.

  11. Jose Wilhelm says:

    What’s the reason this video has many negative votes? Not implying
    anything, I really want to know.

  12. Vegan Echelon 4life says:

    animal agriculture is killing the planet

  13. Shebasquin says:

    Casey Neistat! AWESOME!

  14. FatheredPuma81 says:

    #OursToLose that describes Google with Youtube from since they bought it to
    now :O.

  15. paco garcia says:

    cuando estados unidos deje de robar petroleo a siria entonces

  16. Ophl says:

    The people who disliked this video obviously don’t care about the
    environment’s faith. Sickos D:<

  17. Thanas Dushku says:


  18. Lobaka says:

    Go vegan, save the world! It’s so easy… 🙂

    (If you don’t believe me, watch for example Cowspiracy.
    If you have trouble giving up meat and dairy, watch Earthlings.
    If you want to know how it will benefit your health, watch Forks over
    This is the saint trinity of veganism 😀

    PLUS: boys’s “thing” will be working even better, if you know what i mean
    😉 😀 )

  19. Chris Yates says:

    Without bad language translated into bovine sugar!

  20. Steve Jobs says:

    just here for mkbhd ?