Overtime: Leakers, Pence, Privacy, Obamacare

Overtime: Leakers, Pence, Privacy, Obamacare

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Bill and his guests – Roger Stone, Neera Tanden, Gen. Michael Hayden, Rick Santorum, and Jose Antonio Vargas – answer viewer questions after the show.

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20 Responses

  1. Tino J says:

    whats with roger stone? has he seen to many mafia movies? or is he refining his marlon brando godfather impression?

  2. Jordan Wendt says:


  3. Albin Augustin says:

    What a garbage ass panel. Rick Santorum defending corporations, Hayden defending the military industrial complex, and a sensitive ass Asian dude. And then there’s Neera Tanden who sounds like a political shill instead of the president of a think tank.

  4. enlessdreams says:

    I hate when Bill says that Trump is worse than George Bush… People forget so quickly. Bush is a war criminal who got us into the mess we are in the middle east, Set up a surveillance state and sent our country into a recession.

  5. VBSN says:

    They missed the interesting story of the week… Bill O, pitching book on his own network, said “a joke” and got tens of millions worth of free marketing being covered by EVERY news media outlet. These people know exactly what they are doing and everyone keeps falling for it!

  6. M46539612 says:

    Damn, Rick Santorum is kicking ass and not even taking names. I hate the guy, but damn, well done.

  7. Claire Knight says:

    One search into Rick Santorum and Roger Stone’s internet search history would utterly destroy them and their existence. Highly doubt the former is only searching for sweater vests, probably into some underground furry shit…sick fuck

  8. dan sams says:

    The conservative/libertarian argument against govt always seem to be: “I see a lot of corrupt cops helping the bad guys. Instead of cleaning up the police dept, let’s get rid of it, so the bad guys wouldn’t get that help.” Well, if I’m the bad guy, this logic is frickin’ gold, and I would peddle it to anyone willing to listen.

  9. Sebastian Wolfstein says:

    Health Insurance itself is the biggest reason why healthcare in this country is so fucked up. It completely distorts the market, which allows these insurance companies to charge much much more for goods/services than they’re actually worth. It also adds extra costs through the large administrative costs of these companies. We need truly free-market healthcare, and neither of the parties are offering it.

  10. Daniel Celt says:

    Why the fuck do you continue to let Morons like Santorum hog the fucking mic? Why did nobody there have the guts to tell him to shut his lying face? Inviting Santorum on the show was a stupid idea in the first place when the true measure of the man can be found through a simple Google search which would have proven that the only thing to ever come out of Santorum’s mouth is anal leakage.

  11. MatticusPrime1 says:

    Universal single payer healthcare is the right option.

  12. tylertyler82 says:

    Rick Santorum fancies himself a Christian that lets poor sick people die, hates federal healthcare except for the federal healthcare that covers him and his family.

  13. Dapo M. says:

    Fucking dumb panel

  14. The One says:

    If Bill had any balls he’d invite someone like Shapiro.

  15. Tom La Pont says:

    Rick, Obama ran against the old healthcare system and won with a lot more votes than Trump. You wanna know why? Because the pre-ACA system was dog shit. You posit this “let the states set up their own system” idea like it hasn’t already been tried. It failed, people hated it, and almost no one wants it back. The same goes for you.

  16. Jack Grattan says:

    Neera Tanden – The voice that launched a thousand migraines.

  17. admtech69 channel says:

    Neera is John Podesta’s female replicant at CAP – ’nuff said – she is a partisan hack who sounds like a buzzsaw.

  18. Monticello19 says:

    We really need younger politicians that understand technology. The discussion about ISPs selling internet browsing history was painful to watch.

  19. Monica Richardson says:

    we miss the old music

  20. Grainne Scanlon says:

    Neera Tanden- shut the fuck up. You are the living breathing epitome of the uninformed college liberal girl with the dreads meme.

    You’re doing a disservice to progressive women everywhere with your circular logic, tired fallacies, and grating non-sequiturs- “you know the thing with libertarians is!!!!” out of nowhere.

    Go check out the Bernie vs Ted Cruz on healthcare debate if you actually want educated speakers who cite their sources and present solid information.

    Speaking as someone who lived half her life and Ireland and half in the US- there’s a reason half of Ireland has chosen to get private health insurance in addition to the minimal protection socialized healthcare has to offer.

    Bottom line- Liberals think healthcare a human right when in reality it’s not even a shared value for the entire country. And then they complain about how proselytizing evangelicals can be with their values? I just. Stop.

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