Overtime with Bill Maher: Hacked Cars, The GOP’s Future, Monsanto Merger | September 23, 2016 (HBO)

Overtime with Bill Maher: Hacked Cars, The GOP’s Future, Monsanto Merger | September 23, 2016 (HBO)

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Bill and his guests – Maureen Dowd, Lanhee Chen, Neera Tanden, Max Brooks, and Michael Franti – answer viewer questions after the show.

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20 Responses

  1. BeastlyVoldemort says:

    beat the notification!

  2. Krista Roman says:

    I saw one of the driverless cars on the road yesterday. They’re probably
    safer than most American motorists but it still feels very wrong.

  3. Distracted Calmness says:

    Dr. Stein 2016 for president of the United states of America

  4. Scott Himes says:

    deaths in the us from cars is like ten 9-11’s EVERY YEAR

  5. Goru Minosyan says:

    I’m a Liberal. Hillary needs to resign ASAP. We need Biden or Bernie on top
    of the ticket.

  6. shmaveyea says:

    Dumb people love Trump! That loser always polls better than his turn-out,
    look at every single Primary. When people have the ballot in their hand the
    sane ones make the right choice.

  7. Liche Christ says:

    It’s uncanny how Max Brooks so intensely resembles both of his parents!

  8. Wings On High says:

    0:25 – Ridiculous fear-mongering bs. Hacking “all cars at once” is
    ludicrous. How many times have “all computers been hacked at once”??? I
    rest my case.

  9. Rytis K. says:

    30 second in, I’m out. „Hack all the cars at once and kill more people than
    9/11?” OK…

  10. Gaia Shield says:

    Monsanto is pure evil, they’re causing new food allergies to cancer, and
    will cause a famine we have never seen before.

  11. Krypt Sanies says:

    Serious question why does Maureen Dowd talk like that? Did she have a

  12. Barry Kaine says:

    Hacking all the cars at once wouldn’t be possible, because self driven cars
    are not operating off the net; they are using low range sensors (radar,
    lasers, infrared, etc.) to navigate in the real world environment. Only the
    destination and route are digital info that the car references, it does not
    get it’s moment to moment controls from map points. If you were really
    worried about remote control taking over your vehicle, it would be easily
    solved by better password security, and a manual cutoff switch to return
    the vehicle to full manual control. It seems like people believe that self
    driving cars are getting their direct commands from a remote source, when
    in reality, self driven cars are mostly autonomous, and will soon be able
    to read road signs, eliminating the need for any outside reference at all.

  13. delia lin says:

    McCain is a respectable and honorable man. I don’t normally lean toward
    republican policies, but I have no problem with him being the president.

  14. New Message (Unread) says:

    Driverless car full of Galaxy 7 Notes, and you got a car bomb that delivers

  15. chasemebaby says:

    Uber & Lyft are global companies. How they can bi-pass the thousands of
    pages of law that average citizens must abide by is insane. Theoretically
    they shouldn’t be able to put unmanned vehicles on the roads without laws &
    insurance policies in place first to protect the citizens. Uber is known
    for using independent contractors as drivers , which assures that the
    company takes no fault for whatever happens on their drivers journey’s. So
    are we just going to blindly assume that when a autonomous car malfunctions
    & causes an issue or death that Uber won’t put up a fight? That they will
    be open, honest, and pay up. Yeah right.

  16. Joey Tully says:

    Not true —- It is unfair to pretend that Republicans do not agree with
    their party leader’s lack of compassion and concern for the nation. I am
    sorry but Republicans have become rather amoral and show no regard for
    truth. They say anything.

    It has seeped into the membership of the Republican in large measure. I
    cannot stand this disconnect with the truth.

  17. Darth Mindbender says:

    Asians really do have a limited choice in haircuts.

  18. Murpaderp says:

    My problem with Obama: No coming on Real Time

  19. They're All Trolls says:


  20. Seekthetruth3000 says:

    Better Trump than Hillary.