Packers vs. Steelers | NFL Week 12 Game Highlights

Packers vs. Steelers | NFL Week 12 Game Highlights

The Green Bay Packers take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 12 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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110 Responses

  1. Max Malate says:

    If Aaron Rodgers was playing this would be even more of a hell of a game. Hand me W’s

  2. tyler091503 says:

    Good game Steelers. Hell of a game I know a lot of people say AB is best WR in NFL right now and I agree, man isn’t human. Game of the year also, hell of a game.

    • Dark Raven Jr says:

      i don’t know about game of the year, but AB is the best. im happy my Steelers won, but we should’ve lost. but ill take it.

    • Tyler Martin says:

      This game was incredible (I was even there), but I’d rather the cowboys vs packers game be the game of the year since we actually won that one lol

    • Vinny Mac says:

      They ain’t gonna make the playoffs fool. The NFC is stacked, way better than the AFC this year. Only two good teams in the AFC and I hate em both, Steelers and Patriots. I hope Brady and Big Gay Ben get hurt before the playoffs

  3. Mr BeN says:

    Well damn if hundley plays like this in week 13 and 14 then Rodgers comes back and wins out, you’re looking at 10-6 and the PLAYOFFS BABYYY

    • Cody Bowser says:

      Mr BeN 10 wins won’t guarantee playoffs this year.

    • Gabriel Guzman says:

      Lamborghini Master Eric Eagles will lose in Seattle not by much it will be close

    • Durcunt Durcant Durshit Durbum Durscared Durpunk says:

      Mr BeN lmfao! hell no. nfc is stacked

    • YogiYetiz_ Simple says:

      DrugLord Tyrone If you’re counting on Carolina collapsing you’re gonna be disappointed

    • Ryan Altfillisch says:

      Mr BeN – as possible as that is, 10-6 might not get them into the playoffs. The division is going to be hard to win as Minnesota would need to lose out as GB loses the tiebreaker if they are both 10-6, so let’s focus on the WC. The Wild Card contenders in front of GB are the Falcons, Panthers, Seahawks and Lions. Two of those teams must finish 9-7, and one of those has to be the Lions or Falcons as GB loses the tiebreaker to each of them if those 3 are 10-6. Of those 4 and the Packers, unfortunately the Lions have the easiest remaining schedule, so GB is going to need a lot of help in order to get in. As hard as it is for me to say this as a Packers fan, we need to cheer for the Vikings to win the next two weeks to help our chances.

  4. Nathan Big Shlong John says:

    Very ugly game with lots of mistakes but I’ll take a win any day

  5. Mike Tomlin#6ringz#dontblink #steelersnation says:

    9-2 lets keep it rolling! #herewego

  6. Nicholas Hamilton says:

    Dom Capers gets a free tour of the pit of misery.

  7. Aaron Rodgers #GOAT #12Hunnit #Clutch says:

    The packers are now 4-11-1 without me.

    The Patriots are 14-6 without Brady

    I’m not saying anything but just something to think about.

  8. Adoree Jackson says:

    I know it’s the Aaron Rodgers-less Packers but damn they held their own under Brett Huntley. Hell of a game as well. Kudos to the Cheeseheads.

    In case you’re mistaken but AB THE BEST WR IN THE NFL!!! PERIOD!

  9. Martin Parra says:

    If the steelers struggled that much against Hundley imagine struggling against Aaron Rodgers

    • Beast Mode says:

      Martin Parra I wish Aaron Rodgers was playing

    • LA BENJI says:

      Lol ur a goofy

    • markanthony1004 says:

      TakeTheL I agree with you. I don’t think our D would have performed any better. The offense would have been better but only by another TD and yards and maybe a more manageable Field Goal attempt.

    • Jan Nelle says:

      it´s called superbowl

    • Gregabug says:

      Don’t know why everyone is throwing shade on the Steelers? We still won and Ben had 4 TDs with over 300 yards and one of the INTs(the tip) wasn’t his fault because when it is tipped it is tipped you can’t help that. So Ben played well and Brown had over 100 yards with 2 touchdowns and made insane catches plus Bell and Bryant and Boswell also helped out. So I think the Steelers had a good game. Also the Packers did too.

  10. Nothing Special says:

    Dom Caper’s defensive scheme for the Packers makes me want to off myself.

  11. RickTheDick says:

    No worries, the bucs and browns are gonna be free wins for us hopefully and Rodgers will be In and we got a chance then.

  12. TheBaronVSP says:

    No matter who won, they all were wearing yellow pants.

  13. Curry Goat says:


  14. Ben Vojtech says:

    Don’t let this game distract you from the fact that my political beliefs are different from your political beleifs, so let’s fight on the internet about it.

  15. JuJu Smith-Schuster says:

    For those of you saying julio is better than antonio, take into account that julio has height and speed, antonio is 5″10 and isnt the fastest and is still outstanding. Antonio is good with what he’s got. Also might I add hes alwayd consistent no matter what while julio just started to get going no disrespect to julio hes really great

  16. Nuetralism says:

    We lost but at least Hundley played great. Now if he could just do this every week

  17. Anthony Herr says:

    how the hell was AB not a top 10 pick

    • Michael Perriello says:

      Pick6fun He wasn’t a good route runner coming out. He had to work hard for that.

    • banklikefrankwhite1 says:

      He’s 5’10, 180 lbs, and had some “issues” early in life that turned programs/Nfl teams off.

    • Francisco Davis says:

      Plus from a small school

    • MikeBNumba6 says:

      Because NFL scouts are the worse. They look at mostly Big10 and SEC schools and say to themselves “oh look that guy has a fast 40 and he’s over 6’1″, he’s a first round draft pick for sure.”

      They are very lazy when it comes to scouting players. If you look around the league most of the top talent are guys drafted in later rounds including guys being undrafted.

      On the otherhand, a lot of luck plays into it as well. You think AB would be this good had he got drafted by the Browns or SF or something like that? Nah.

    • mikey James says:

      Antonio Brown is a g he’s going to go for his fifth straight 100 Catch season

  18. Steel Cat says:

    The game was so good! this is called passion for the football!
    #HereWeGo #StairwayToSeven

  19. Balor96 says:

    Julio and ab are easily the top 2 receivers in the league. All this talk about who’s better giving me a headache. They’re both really good

  20. safiyah hamlet says:

    As a Steelers fan — Shoutout to Hundley, he had a hell of a game! #BusinessisBooming #HereWeGo

    • Chris M says:

      safiyah hamlet die hard packer fan here 2 storied franchises playing each other regardless of rodgers, this was the most fun game to watch whew the Steelers are gonna give the pats a run for their money in the afc championship. Congrats afc north brother.

    • Levi Omeke says:

      safiyah hamlet
      Brett Hundley was 17/26 CMP-ATT, 245 YDS, 65.4 CMP%, 3 TD, 0 INT, 61.4 QBR, and 134.3 RAT last night against the Steelers.

    • Matt Dias says:

      Lol. Hundley carved up that Steelers D. There’s no way they are going to be able to stop TB12.

    • Gregabug says:

      I love when Steelers fans and Packers Fans can congratulate and respect one another instead of throwing ridiculous shade like other comments of seen. And yes, coming from a Steelers fan, Hundley did have a good game

    • Zack Amig says:

      He had a great game! His mechanics looked so smooth and he read the field really well. He had a few mistakes that I think more playing time will eradicate but anyone that says oh if only Rodgers were in there or wait until tom Brady carves you up because you barely beat this guy clearly didn’t watch the game. He played as well as any starter would have the Steelers were just able to get some crucial sacks. If continues to play like that and improve I wouldn’t mind seeikng him in black and gold in a few years

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