Pad Abort Test

Pad Abort Test

Crew Dragon’s first critical flight test, known as a Pad Abort Test, is expected to take place on Wednesday, May 6, from SpaceX’s Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) in Cape Canaveral, Florida. While the test is originating from the same launch pad we use for operational missions, this is not an operational flight. This will be the first flight test of SpaceX’s revolutionary new launch abort system, and the odds of encountering delays or issues are high. Fortunately the test doesn’t need to be perfect to be valuable—our primary objective is to capture as much data as possible as the data captured here will be key in preparing Crew Dragon for its first human missions in 2017. More information about the test can be found at:

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18 Responses

  1. G HDW says:

    When can I go on this ride?

  2. Teboski78 says:

    Awesome. this is a mildy historic moment the first fully printed rocket
    engine ever to fly.

  3. pattyfromtoledo says:

    very cool ~ and I hear a locust at 18:06 – lol!

  4. Simonas Lukošius says:

    Looks top heavy…

  5. bukueOner says:

    Starts at 15:54

  6. Reef Man says:

    That is just amazing.

  7. ludovik242 says:

    Awesome but this video is at least 10 min too long. 

  8. STL PREPPER says:

    Good job!

  9. cerealcito says:

    Skip to 15:54 for the countdown.

  10. Doug Fraser says:

    SoaceX Dragon escape system yet.

    Wow! The launch happens near at the end. You can see the countdown in the
    upper left. Move the slider over. What a kick in the butt that launch would

  11. Ken .Craig says:

    exiting test, though the camera footage/operation was pretty bad. The best
    footage was the separation at top altitude, but everything else was pretty
    bad. I would have liked to see the take off launch be a follow shot
    instead of going off camera. Also some more wide angle shots during the
    decent would be good. there was one with the parachute out but right when
    they cut to it the dragon dropped behind a building out of sight from the

  12. nitramyar says:

    Well done to all. I have to say, though, the first fifteen minutes of this
    are possibly the most boring thing I’ve ever seen posted on YouTube.

  13. steven Fidler says:

    Looks to me the point where the body will get the largest stresses during
    an abort would be once the drogue and shoots deploy, as it wobbles back and

  14. Able D-G says:

    That was awesome! Another step towards manned SpaceX missions!

  15. Lorunification says:

    Isn’t there a chance that the jetissoned part that covers the drogue chutes
    gets cought by the cutes causing severe damage to the chutes?

  16. Jack Daniels says:

    yes yes yes

  17. Rob's short novels & co. says:

    If we had Russian cosmonauts in the capsule they would’ve turned off the
    communications and recorders for a few seconds.
    (Let’s see who gets this real life reference?) 

  18. SirPetterTheFirst says:

    you guys need to work on your editing