Paint on a Drum in 4K Slow Mo – The Slow Mo Guys

Paint on a Drum in 4K Slow Mo – The Slow Mo Guys

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Gav and Dan make a split-second powder paint rainbow using an old drum.
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Filmed at 1000fps with a Phantom Flex 4k
Paint on a Drum in 4K Slow Mo – The Slow Mo Guys

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20 Responses

  1. Robtal 17 says:

    You should film a baseball being hit at 90mph

  2. Thomas Bailey says:

    This video reminded me of a Michael Bay movie.

  3. Armin Nadery says:

    gay bombs

  4. Extreamfilmaking says:

    Mind giving me some feedback on my videos 😀 ????

  5. Yohan _ says:


  6. Luis Luna III says:

    I have a 2k res on my phone here and I love your guys video and now that I
    have this phone these videos have start looking more amazing than ever love
    the work. wondering if you guys have or will film something like a pressure
    washer or sand blaster removing material??

  7. turay67 says:

    Phantom camera shoots 16Giggs per real time second??!! Da faq!?

  8. SlamDunkinMidget says:

    You upload so inconsistently and it’s the same thing every time. STOP!

  9. Juan Bustos says:

    Any thought of the iPhone wallpapers?

  10. Anna Schoch says:

    official favorite video

  11. Mainstream Bob says:

    why do i feel like we can simulate the big bang with this technique

  12. Spencer Gomez says:

    Reminds me of FarCry4

  13. FreshSealCap says:

    5:33 was the best shot

  14. Swaff Corps (Theswaff699) says:

    6:09 it is a colorful cokeline

  15. Something 2LookAt says:

    Dazzling. Like fireworks. Seems like more can be done with those.

  16. ElectricPyro says:

    Well look at that it’s a million wallpapers

  17. Karen Victor says:

    Did anyone else take a screenshot and put it as their background?

  18. EmesMD || Mario2Sonic says:

    Were you guys also inspired by the Blue Man Group?

  19. SawyerBeatsJr says:

    Niggas ran out of ideas xD

  20. snow faith says:

    that ending tho