Paper Mario: The Origami King – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Paper Mario: The Origami King – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

The Paper Mario series arrives on Nintendo Switch with an origami twist! What evil paper shenanigans does the Origami King have planned? Find out when Paper Mario: The Origami King releases on July 17!

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86 Responses

  1. B. Deity says:

    The last thing I expected today was a Paper Mario and Heavy Rain crossover.

  2. W.S.H. says:

    Nintendo: We needed to relaunch the development of Metroid Prime 4

    New Metroid Prime 4: 2:10

  3. Andrianarinivo says:

    Real princesses don’t have curves, they have edges.

  4. Kaleii08 says:

    “So what should we do for our new Paper Mario Game?”
    ” *Cult* “

    • Walther Penne says:

      No. I would say “Cut the paper in half. Sell the $hit. enough Idiot$ will buy it!” 😀

    • Walther Penne says:

      @「ZX TUBES」 Of course it is. Question is: Why would you want to compare games with Movies/Series?

    • ThreeBee HD189733b says:

      @soldiermaanSZN Warning: Content may or may not include the following:
      -Rick Roll
      -Self Promotion

    • 「ZX TUBES」 says:

      Apple TV got games to and will be better than Nintendo watch ! I’m gonna make sure of this in the future artists like me will impact this gay console once I speak out about Nintendo being some gay house only allowing you to get a job if your gay !

    • Unique Creations says:

  5. Ion says:

    As a fan of The Thousand Year Door, I’ll give this game a chance

    • Rush Mars says:

      ​@N N R U He’s merely expressing his optimism. Your remark was unwarranted. Get off your high horse.

    • Chaud The Gamer says:

      Maybe this game will be good!! At least it’s a different enemy!

    • Transcendent Sacred Courage says:

      @Jinx _ Truth. We all have, Jinx. We’ll likely grow grey hairs by the time they _ever_ decide to _truly_ return to form.

    • ThreeBee HD189733b says:

      I sure am glad to see someone who is optimistic about the game.

    • Mythos MUGEN says:

      A good game is a good game and the last two weren’t as good as the really good game. That’s just fact. But this looks like it could be really good.

  6. Jordan Boyd says:

    I swear, when Nintendo goes full on horror movie in games like this, it’s super effective.

  7. Mr. Fantazemik says:

    This trailer makes my body feel ready

  8. Matias Greene says:

    This looks like such a fun game

  9. Gavinopolis says:

    1:16 I now believe that Paper Mario will be next month’s Smash announcement. I mean, his arms are extending right there.

  10. Wolfgalaxy says:

    Wait, can we talk about how it looks like Bowser Jr is going to be one of your companions for this adventure?

    • Otneimica says:

      @Shaman Xeed You must never judge a book by its cover. Especially when it’s the one trailer and not the whole game. That, and even if the game was out now and you thought it was trash, your opinion doesn’t really mean anything.

    • Beagle 102 says:

      @Wolfgalaxy, when they have this weird card combat system… how’d companions be interesting/innovative then?
      Like, wouldn’t they have to attack with cards too?

    • Teddy Roosebelt says:

      I mean, I’m just gonna say it now

      Bomb-Omb best companion in this game, you can’t change my mind

    • Wolfgalaxy says:

      @Beagle 102 First off, this game doesn’t use cards. Secondly, I avoided saying Partners for a reason. These Companions look like they’re not going to be involved in any battles.

    • Wolfgalaxy says:

      @Noka Reems I avoided saying Partners for that very reason, to avoid association with the old partners which were permanent. Didn’t work out very well for me.

  11. Rama Hermawan says:

    This May: Xenoblade Definitive Edition
    This June: Spongebob Rehydrated
    This July: new Paper Mario game

  12. Aidswayz says:

    *Me in Arts and Crafts*
    Teacher: “Ok everyone, today we are going to be using Origami”
    Me: *Vietnam flashbacks intensifies*

  13. SeanGaming says:

    1:16 PLOT TWIST: Mario is the new Arms character in Smash!

  14. The boy Crazy says:

    Nintendo: releases the trailer
    Me: LETS-A-GO!

  15. Torch the 62nd says:

    Okay boys.

    If we see a **single** experience point, WE’RE IN THR CLEAR

    • Transcendent Sacred Courage says:

      What about different, unique partners? Come on, now.

    • aidan quijano says:

      @* nah man in the other ones you could get hp ups without leveling

    • Jessica Giuliani says:

      * so you didn’t play the other games? His health increased in Sticker Star and Colour Splash too. It wasn’t tied to levelling up though.

    • Robin Grimahood says:

      @Transcendent Sacred Courage I don’t know why they find it so difficult or bad to at minimum recolor the partners. They already reuse enemies sooo

      Preferably they have an accessory or two and have more character beyond “hello I’m the Bob omb in this game and will just be remembered as only that, not among the likes of Bombette or Bobbery.”

    • Chaud The Gamer says:


  16. Deluxe Guy says:

    Me: Mom, can I get Metroid?

    Mom: No you already have Metroid at home

    Metroid at home: 2:03

  17. AlambrixGaming says:

    Off topic: It’s been 24 years after the release of Super Mario RPG. Now that Square Enix and Nintendo are in good relationship again, ehemm… We would like to see a true sequel for the game! We want Super Mario RPG 2! Please! 🙏

    • Colin M says:

      the first paper Mario was going to be called Super Mario RPG 2

    • Zenigundam says:

      Enough with the sequels and remakes, create an original RPG for once. At least Octopath Traveler was an attempt at that, even though it was average.

  18. Tottynet says:

    That tease of Metroid is so mean, Nintendo is trolling us at this point

  19. Facetious says:

    “Nintendo, we want Metroid prime 4!”
    Nintendo: “We have Metroid prime 4 at home.”
    Metroid prime 4 at home: 2:10

  20. Luigiofthegods says:


    *Y O U R W O N D E R F U L A N S W E R S…*

    …will now be discarded.

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