Parents of woman who lives with R. Kelly say “he needs to rot in jail”

Parents of woman who lives with R. Kelly say “he needs to rot in jail”

The parents of one of the two women living with embattled singer R. Kelly are speaking out. Twenty-one-year-old Azriel Clary and 23-year-old Joycelyn Savage told “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King that they love Kelly and that there is nothing inappropriate about their relationship with the 52-year-old. Their parents, however, claim Kelly has brainwashed them and is keeping the women against their will. King sits down with Joycelyn’s parents who say they’ve been trying desperately to reconnect with their daughter.

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69 Responses

  1. Kejuan says:

    Parents is definitely is responsible. The mother knew even after his trial ??‍♂️

  2. RespectMyTalk says:


    • storytel27 says:

      RespectMyTalk That’s exactly how I feel. Every time I turn around, there’s some “new info” on this. Azriel was disrespectful to Gayle yesterday, this is true. But I also took the time to listen to what she had to say about her parents. I get that they’re mad at them but not to the extent of them lying like this on them. I don’t see R. Kelly as innocent. But I don’t see him as the only culprit anymore, either.

    • Jack Henry says:

      Either way, R Kelly should break it off with these too girls. There is just too much damn controversy

    • Yes I'm Takeoff Can't Stop Me Now says:

      They pimped her out to R Kelly

    • wmcroy3306 says:

      +storytel27 Gayle got put in her place at end of the day, asking the ladies about their “sex life” wasn’t an good idea

    • Ricardo Dunn says:

      R Kelly for ever

  3. Betty says:

    Something is fishy ABOUT this parent’s scandal

  4. LeeLee Cruz says:

    Isn’t this all getting kind of old? Just based off of our Kelly’s history…. why would young girls even be allowed to his shows or even near him? Why are all these parents acted as though they are the first to go through something like this? I do believe there is something with the parents. He just said that he did not take his daughter to the R Kelly concert but there’s a picture of him with his daughter at the concert. There are also photos of him talking to our Kelly’s bodyguards…. I’m not defending R.Kelly but I sure as heck and looking at these parents like they’re fools.

  5. I AM ARCANGELO says:

    It’s all about the money for R. Kelly’s girl friends and the Savage family, they leeched into Kelly’s life like cancer and destroyed it. Money is the root of evil.

    • Versatile Shakia A.M. says:

      The love ❤️ of money is the root to evil. Meaning… when someone loves money more than especially The Most High and more than everything else… is when evil shows up

  6. Stfu Dumbass says:

    So this is where the daddy issues came from

  7. Mia Isoke says:

    These stories, allegations has waaay too many holes in it….EVERYONE is GUILTY!!!

  8. Mark Jones says:


  9. MartinMiner says:

    This sketchy family is clearly looking for a payday. Jocelyn Savage is a grown adult, stop acting like your daughter was kidnapped. The media needs to stop giving this family a platform.

  10. Chris LeDoux says:

    The young ladies were grooming each other in their interview they should have been interviewed separately take away their support system. When they are together they will back each other up separately you might be able to see where there a breaks in their stories.

  11. jet blue says:

    These parents are holding something back , they started something that back fired on themselves, period!!!!!!!

  12. Kaffekaffe Kaffe says:

    They are guilty themselves, worst parents

  13. Moe Green says:

    These people are money rats and just want the spotlight

    • Krusty Panties says:

      Fo Sho!


      Been doing that since day 1 when went on national television in front of the media lying and COACHING THAT LYING ASANTE MCGEE. SHE NEEDS TO BE THROWN IN JAIL TOO. SHE A FRSUD, STALKER, SCAMNER, AND A SNAKE LIJE THE SAVAGES.

    • 3star2nr says:

      How they literally havent asked for any money…

    • Olivia Simmons says:

      +3star2nr you better believe they getting paid for every appearance including that one. And tim said lifetime cut them a check

    • 3star2nr says:

      +Olivia Simmons you know this because you’ve seen their checks?

  14. Reva Real says:

    These Parents are lying, they sold their child and they need to go to jail as well!

  15. RipCityDripCity 503 says:

    I would never let my daughter around Robert because of his past. The father was looking for some money

  16. Faizol Mai says:

    Why would you let your daughter stay with a random man ?

  17. miguel negrete says:

    Parents pimped their kids out to him.

  18. Michael Burry says:

    The parents just want a cut of the Sugar Baby’s sugar. And then CBS is milking this for everything they can. Everybody in the video above is guilty. ?‍♂️

  19. Serena Adonis says:

    The Savage family LOVE being in front of the camera

  20. Santos says:

    How you got “potential business dealings” with R kelly , and they havent met him???

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