Paris Jackson Got Starstruck When She Met Fave Alice Cooper

Paris Jackson Got Starstruck When She Met Fave Alice Cooper

Jimmy grills Paris Jackson with his Fallon Firsts – rapid-fire questions that reveal things like how Zac Efron broke her heart and more.

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Paris Jackson Got Starstruck When She Met Fave Alice Cooper

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20 Responses

  1. Bobby Shirley says:

    there was no invincible tour wtf

  2. rockafella1690 says:

    What does she do?

  3. faboze says:

    She looks just like Michael wow

  4. Coffee Cheeks says:

    I’m rooting for her! For some reason watching her all shy and awkward makes me want to watch her find herself in life and be happy. U GO GIRL <3

  5. Vanessa Roque says:

    michaels smile and gestures.

  6. Puggy 117 says:

    Holy shit, she’s pretty hot now.

  7. Toni Nckl says:

    Wasn’t the guy at the high school musical live tour actually the guy singing the songs in the movies? Cause Zac was just casted cause he looked cute but couldn’t sing?

  8. Ralph Boyle says:

    She has her dad’s skin color.

  9. Gambit Remy says:

    she acts a little like Kristen Stewart

  10. Jav Tiss says:

    No way shes biologically Mjs kid. He was like normal black and the mum is normal white. Like she looks white. You can deffs tell when someone is a halfy and she doesnt. No way Mjs skin surgery/ bleaching affected his dna. Its only a physical change. Its like saying im dyin my hair red, and my kids will then have red hair. Also does she have green/blue eyes? Yeh lmao no way a black guy is carrying the blue eye recessive gene. Either way Mj raised her so hes her dad, just prolly not the biological one.

    EDIT: MJ’s pops is biracial, so is his mom it all makes sense, they are very likely MJS biological kids. In this era of fake news we gotta actually reserch and while i was right to question it because the signs pointed one way, Facts are more important so yuh.


    i see so many people who came her just to comment something negative. like…. get a life?

  12. angusaditus says:

    such a beautiful black woman, i love her, we need more black people on tv!

  13. Zonnisse Givens says:

    I know I might sound super stupid right now but that is MJ’s biological daughter?

  14. JazGalaxy says:

    She’s so gorgeous. It’s such a shame that she has all those tattoos. I love well done tattoos, but random sketchbook doodles all over a person’s body irk me. The body is a beautiful construction. It’s not a stick-note to doodle over when you’re bored.

  15. Taylor Halders says:

    OMG the amount of stupidity I read just shut up already nobody cares if he’s her biological father all that matters is that he raised her that’s what a real father is all you dumb asses need to move on are we gonna have the same discussions over and over again ? She’s 18 now and somehow this topic keeps being brought up ugh that pisses me off

  16. yana romanova says:

    no fucking way she’s half-black. and don’t go all “it might happen, look at rashida jones”, no. yes, rashida jones also can pass for white, but she’s still looks very ethnic. this girl looks like she’s straight outta not compton, but stockholm.

  17. Loveisfun123 says:

    She’s cool as fuck. She does have her dad’s facial features. Like the jawline and all of that. I understand how some people don’t see any MJ in her, but if you look at most of the facial features and compare it to her mom’s she doesn’t have many of her mom’s features. I’ve noticed that when I compared her and Michael side by side, you can see it. Although, I think she has more of her mom’s genetics. I don’t think she has curly hair or has anything that identities as a “black” feature.

  18. MICHAEL JACKS0N says:

    *She’s so gorgeous!*

  19. Michael Hopkins says:

    uh… plastic surgery doesn’t change your genes. that girl ain’t Michael Jackson’s kid.

  20. humping humper says:

    how is Michael Jackson’s daughter not black?

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