Paris Saint-Germain vs.Bayern Munich: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports

Paris Saint-Germain vs.Bayern Munich: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports

The Champions fell. Bayern Munich won the match but lost on aggregate.

A gruesomely tense match ended 1-0 in favor of Bayern Munich, however that wasn’t enough as Paris Saint Germain advanced to the UEFA Champions League Semifinal on away goals. PSG played a nearly flawless game, only allowing a goal from Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting in the 40’.

The PSG attack was clinical all game however could not convert their opportunities missing by seemingly millimeters each and every time. Neymar and Mbappe had the PSG attack running on all cylinders and consistently pounced on the counter-attack giving Bayern issues all day.

PSG moves on the semi finals despite the loss and will face the winner of Dortmund/Manchester City.

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60 Responses

  1. Harrison Huynh says:

    Have to give credit to PSG for having the mentality to hold on unlike the times against Barca and Man United in the previous years

  2. Kratos of Sparta says:

    As a PSG fan, this game gave me a heart attack from start to finish

  3. An Achilles Tendon says:

    The fact psg didn’t score a single goal tells you how critical Hernández is to that defense

  4. Luan Henrique Gomes Ribeiro says:

    Neymar and Di Maria were superb. Those back heels back to back were world class. I just hope that Marquinhos comes back before the semis, he is such an important player for the squad.

  5. Ahmad Jomaa says:

    I dont think anyone’s going to talk about this, but how PSG played out of the back beating the bayern press was a thing of beauty throughout the match.

  6. Medico says:

    Let’s appreciate how entertaining Bayern and PSG played in this match

  7. Clinch Knot says:

    Choupo-Moting: “I just scored against my old team” “Fuck them, I’m gonna celebrate” “Oh Shit, we’re still a goal behind”😂😂😂

  8. Dave Toro says:

    Neymars technical footwork is insane. Getting through two defenders in a tight space, making them look like toddlers.

    • King Darwin says:

      @esther kisob it does mean something though …he did it in the last leg and Magee to get 2 assists …give neymar some credit

    • esther kisob says:

      @Joseph Adesanya What made Messi so exciting to watch over the years is because he is a wonderful dribbler and he usually always scores. What good do you do to your team by dribbling but missing your target. In this game Neymar was selfish and could have passed some of those balls to others to score.

    • esther kisob says:

      @King Darwin I definitely gave him credit in that game for the two assists. That’s really the rule he should focus on. Although the previous coach, Tuchel, said he suppose to do both, dribble and also score.

    • Michael Radtke says:

      @Ryan Williams He might be aiming for the post and not inside of the post.

    • Jiu Jitsu Master Caique says:

      @Joseph Adesanya he always score

  9. Ar7enal says:

    8:40 Mbappe yelling at Neymar: NEY NEY NEY NEY!!

    • A Kendon says:

      No player has missed a goal like Neymar. Always hitting the post!

    • Jonathan Horace says:

      @Theo Magonis Hope you could watch the whole match not the highlights because Neymar gives a lot of passes to Mbappe. However, it is soccer but he did the same as Ney so stop ✋ predicting the negative way.

    • LiamNemTV says:

      @Theo Magonis mbappe did that against man u earlier in the season and neymar was shouting for mbappe to pass the ball, where were u in that comment section, hmm 🤨🤨

    • Mazen Muthanna says:

      @Theo Magonis You’re a bag of rocks

    • Pixel Pro says:

      @Theo Magonis 🤡🤡🤡

  10. Jungwoo Kim says:

    Now Juventus isn’t the only team who won, lost, and drew on the same day in the UCL.

    • Kyle Chin says:

      @Oscar Chavez away goals

    • Zababa YoMama says:

      @Kyle Chin So no more extra time?

    • Kyle Chin says:

      @Zababa YoMama away goals take precedence. If say both Bayern and PSG scored 2 goals at home, then there would be extra time

    • Maxence Franceschi says:

      @Oscar Chavez If one team wins in agg, it qualifies for the next round. If teams are tied in agg, the team who scored the most away goals qualifies (here, PSG scored 3, Bayern 1, so PSG qualifies). If they are tied in agg and if they are tied in away goals (ie the score is the exact opposite away and home), there is extra time and the same resolution occurs at the end of the extra time to determine if there is a penalty shootout.

      My English is not perfect, sorry.

    • SKYRISE SENPAI says:

      @Oscar Chavez  is because psg score more goal in away goal. So when the two team tie in second leg.. the team who score more in away goal will win. Away goal is the team who play in the opponent stadium and score more goal. Psg score 3 in Bayern stadium first leg.. and in second leg Bayern play in psg stadium .. but they only score 1 so psg win by away goal cuz they score 3 in Bayern stadium

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