PART TWO: Jeannie Opens Up About Her Engagement to Jeezy

PART TWO: Jeannie Opens Up About Her Engagement to Jeezy

Jeezy proposed in quarantine and Jeannie is giving us all the details!

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63 Responses

  1. Cacophonous 11 says:

    When Jeannie got emotional I FELT that! You can tell she’s really gone through a lot to get to the place she is now with the person she’s with now, and that she’s a hardcore lover of love. I wish nothing but good things to come for her and Jeezy ✨

  2. Islandè Mirville says:

    Amanda look like a ghost😭she’s scaring me

  3. Angela Gibson says:

    I didn’t realize how close I became to Jeannie over the years watching her until I started tearing up watching this. She’s the older sister I never got the chance to have. Congrats Jeannie I’m so happy for you. 💖💕

  4. T W says:

    Tamera, when Jeannie started crying 😂She’s so cute, I love her. I love their friendship.

  5. Aleithia Wilbert says:

    Amanda shouldn’t even have turned her camera on. 😂🤣

  6. ybabe Zaide says:

    Amanda’s head screaming “get me out here!” Lol we know quarantine sucks

    🥰💕so happy for Jeannie finally got her dream guy! and I so love your glow inside out.

  7. Bri Savage says:

    Loni says “this is what the show is about” every episode

  8. Seoul SeokJin says:

    Why do they ask if Jeanie’ll get married soon? No one could even leave their house right now. 1 year is optimistic I say.

  9. mercy mercie says:

    I feel like Amanda is watching the real like the rest of us😂

    • Tomei F. says:

      Lol i like the fact that i was the Thousandth like in your comment

    • Endless love says:

      Maverick Rose LOL. Wait isn’t she mixed ? Now that I think about it maybe she was fine with this until she saw the clip of Jeannie talmbout I like my dark meat on the side. That must’ve triggered her badly. She’s dying to burst 😂

    • ohmyyorm says:

      its hard for her to comment cause she isnt as close yet. I like that she just listened this time

  10. Jocelyn McLaughlin says:

    No one:
    Loni every time: you see THIS is what the show is about 🤣

  11. Ruth Ankrah says:

    For a second, I thought Amanda was frozen 😂 I’m like someone get her I think she’s frozen lmaooo

  12. silindokuhle Khubone says:

    Me: Amanda no comments at all not even a congratulations 🎊


  13. Alex Arkadios says:

    At the end of the day, we are in a pandemic. Amanda is Incredibly intelligent, and maybe has anxiety. You don’t know ppl, so hating isn’t the answer. This is jeannies moment

  14. R K.L says:

    Tamera is so beautiful on the inside out … she is the highest and truest definition of « beautiful » , the epitome of beauty. Adam is such a blessed man…Oh lord

  15. L J says:

    Yo Tamera cracked me up when Jeannie started to cry “aRe yOu gEtTinG eMoTioNaL ?” “aWw jEaNnIe” and her face 💀😭😭

  16. Laviolle says:

    “Never give up on love. You’ll find it in the most surprising ways”

    I needed to hear that. 🥺

  17. Fabiola Michel says:

    Literally Nobody:

    Loni: This is what the show is about

  18. Hi I'm Natural says:

    Amanda isn’t really apart of the ‘group’ and hasn’t got the same level of friendship that the others have. These ladies have been with eachother for over 7 years…. They seriously care about this story.

  19. Brittany Mercedes says:

    As a divorcee of 9 years now when Jeanne started talking about her experience with divorce, and learning to love herself after that traumatic experience… I started bawling like a baby because she brought up feelings that I haven’t acknowledged in a long time.

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