Partial solar eclipse with a transit of the ISS – March 20 2015

Partial solar eclipse with a transit of the ISS – March 20 2015

Taken from Spain (Fregenal de la Sierra) through thick high clouds. Duration of the transit of the International Space Station (visible part): 0.6 second.
Thierry Legault –

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19 Responses

  1. Erik Unger says:

    Partial solar eclipse with a transit of the ISS

  2. Paul Lander says:

    Like so many others I want to add my thanks and congratulations on an
    astonishing piece of photography. Much appreciate you sharing this,

  3. Dani Couso says:

    La Estación Espacial Internacional pasando por delante del eclipse. 

  4. Дмитрий Рубинштейн says:

    If photographing the eclipse was a competitive sport Thierry just won it.

  5. Filip Talpa says:

    okay! now this is genius!

  6. Yann Deydier says:

    You said on an other web site that it was by chance… One chance over
    billions ! Just INCREDIBLE !

  7. lowell mccormick says:

    Great shot Thierry. You win.

  8. Jeffrey Bok says:

    lol I thought the title said “Partial solar eclipse with a transit of the

  9. Scott Gauer says:

    How could anyone possibly dislike this??

  10. Brandon Wood says:

    +Thierry Legault is at it again! He traveled southwest Spain to be
    precisely located to image both the Moon and the ISS pass in front of the
    sun at the same time. 

  11. Yann Deydier says:

    Thierry, I don’t understand : was that calculated, or purely by chance ?
    Tell us ! Thanks.

  12. Marcus Wißmann says:

    Double partial eclipse today! The Moon and the ISS in front of the Sun.

  13. sand mars says:

    Bravo pour ces vues spectaculaires et merci pour le partage de ton
    savoir-faire :)

  14. Nils Pickert says:

    Planung ist alles

  15. Wolfgang Dzieran says:

    Great Video!

  16. Philip Smith says:

    Thierry I see you got the MONEY short. Bravo! I expected nothing less from
    you. I am very happy and understand you have to make things happen when you
    do not think it is going to happen. YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!

  17. Peter Stimpel says:

    You are a crazy guy, Mister. I love it! Congrats, Thierry!


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  19. Cristian Pascual says:

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