Passenger forcibly dragged off overbooked United flight

Passenger forcibly dragged off overbooked United flight

Gabor Lukacs, an air passenger rights advocate, says that the way United treated one passenger who was forcibly dragged off a plane, was unacceptable.
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20 Responses

  1. deltaecho1 says:

    wow, looking at everyone just sit there and do nothing while a dude just beats the snot out of the asian dude.

  2. Sideline Keeper says:

    This is absolutely disgusting! This man is a victim of assault!

  3. Kenneth Martin: homeless in Houston says:

    this is what happens when you allow corporation the same rights as people

  4. Dennis Gunnarson says:

    I agree that the police should have left this issue to airline employees. If United Airline leaders are cocky enough to do this, they should get all the press possible so that their own actions can result in economic hardship. If they want to serve the public they need to learn about customer service or be forced out of business.

  5. myname is love says:

    I’m sure he has a GREAT lawyer and sues the hell out of United for this disgusting act on this elder!!?

  6. TwoOwSix says:

    I say fire the employee who wanted to take the guy’s seat.

  7. Michelle Raines says:

    I was making a connecting United flight in the same airport when this happened and videotaped one of the 3 Chicago aviation cops Trying to taser this Asian doctor after him and the 2 others knocked him out and dragged him off of united flight # 3411 in the terminal but the same Chicago aviation cop confiscated my I phone 5C. Then told me I would be arrested for interfering with their ongoing investigation unless I went ahead boarded my flight or else to Washington D.C at once! Since he had just assaulted this united passenger I was in fear for my personal safety and was thinking I was next. I will skip dealing with flying United ever again and will tell my co-workers at LogistiCare Solutions to do the same since this was for a business trip for a convention I had to be at last week in the Chicago, IL area! This same Chicago aviation cop refused to give me his name and badge number at all!

  8. Jacky L says:

    lol the CEO should be “re-accommodated” to have another job.

  9. TheDavidDaoud says:

    The removed passenger appears to be of a racial minority. Why was he chosen specifically? Is anyone asking this question? Why did the police take an aggressive attitude from the beginning?

  10. Doug D says:

    Funnily enough he’s an Asian guy. Hmmm…random huh?

  11. Sunset Cliff says:

    No one is talking about that $800 was offered, and apparantly that amount of cash was not enough – they should have offered more cash – up to the point that someone volunteered.

  12. Kelly Oden says:

    plane not overbooked .4 passengers were to be replaced by 4 United Airlines Employees.

  13. Woo Baek Ko says:

    Why no one mention the fact that racism might have something to do with this. Imagine if the man is black. Everyone would flip out already!

  14. Barbara Quigley says:

    I hope the doctor sues, his patients sue and the witnesses sue surrounding this traumatic abusive event #UnitedAirlinesBoycott

  15. landwarrior82 says:

    Happy to live in Canada. USA has become very presidential these days.

  16. shegufta sultana says:

    Two words… #BoycottUnitedAirlines

  17. jim bob says:

    This Asian dude just won a lottery!! Jesus, UA is gonna pay for this dearly LOL
    Why those incidents don’t happen to me?!

  18. El Tío Máscara says:

    I want to re-acomodate the CEO’s face.

  19. RobinHood1969 says:

    When a Doctor gets assaulted on a plane by cops, just for sitting in his paid for seat! You should know now that your system has turned fascist! ugh

  20. Tommy Bruner says:

    Simple. If anyone dies because that doctor couldn’t get to the hospital
    in time, the security agents and the CEO of the airline should be
    charged with manslaughter.

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