Pat McAfee Reacts To The Bengals Releasing Andy Dalton

Pat McAfee Reacts To The Bengals Releasing Andy Dalton

Where do you think that Dalton will end up?

This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from 10am-Noon EST Mon-Fri.



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86 Responses

  1. Burt Macklin says:

    With a name like “red rifle”, he could have a future in another type of industry… he and Joe Buck could share a contract

  2. Noah Dunlap says:

    I don’t know why everyone thinks that it was Andy’s fault he is not the problem it’s the team around him.

    • Hank Amarillo says:

      then why did they draft a qb and not give him more talent to work with?

    • Brad Sully says:

      @Tim Combs what about klingler?? Haha

    • Michael Pflug says:

      Gavin Jenkins All quarterbacks lose games to be fair the receiving core was worse than a top 10 college football team due to injuries in a couple of them and he was hurt against the Steelers (injured thumb) so I don’t feel he’s as bad as the stats.

    • John Herrera says:

      Oh really so we just gonna act like Andy didn’t have a top 10 defense aj green in his prime a top 5 o line and still did dogshit in the playoffs 2tds and 6 picks across 5 games so many dumbasses just don’t know shut about football

    • Benjamin says:

      There’s more than enough film that shows that dalton is no better than an average qb. You wasn’t going to win a super bowl with him. He’s had some good teams that made the playoffs 5 years in a row and not one of those games he could play well?

  3. Kevin Wilson says:

    The Bengals have another thing coming if they even think Andy Dalton was the only reason they sucked

    • BIG frinl says:

      I’ve watched every bengals game for years. He wasn’t to blame for a lot of losses. But he snowballed when things started going bad. & won like 10 percent of prime time games. Not a 🌟

    • Connor M says:

      Kevin Wilson fax

    • Krossing Pattern Sports says:

      Everyone knows the Bengals had a bunch of holes, but they made a bunch of good moves in FA and just had a pretty good draft. They filled a lot of holes this offseason.

    • Nathan Chase says:

      We don’t think that haha

    • Billy Bob says:

      Kevin Wilson he was a big part I mean from 2012-2016 he had good teams around him and amounted to nothing and couldn’t win a playoff game

  4. Sam says:

    Anyone catch “big Richard nick foles” 😂

  5. Eclipse says:

    Pat: Jacksonville JAGUWIRES

  6. Black Rogue says:

    This is a blessing in disguise for Dalton.

  7. Herbie Garcia says:

    Dalton to NE would make me dislike them a little less.

  8. Powerlifterusa says:

    *Billy Badass looking through Dalton’s window*

    😐 you want to win games?

  9. Jayden Frederick says:

    I’m surprised he hasn’t mentioned the fact that the Bengals don’t have a indoor practice facility 😂😂😂

  10. B1gHagar says:

    I will say that the one positive thing about CV19 is I found this channel while I wasn’t working.

  11. Ernest M says:

    “Red Rocket” it’s the Red Rifle please stop with that pat 😂

  12. Paul Sansonetti says:

    Does anybody call him ” the red rocket” other than Pat? I know he’s called ” the red rifle” , but have never heard red rocket anywhere else.

  13. MrScootmcg says:

    The dog in charge of the Patriots will be calling as soon as he’s done chasing a ball around the yard.

  14. Larry Mosher says:

    The Red Rifle gets unloaded.Joe Burrow,shot his eye out.I have always liked Dalton from TCU to the Bengals.Well Mr.Burrow, better get ready for opening day.

  15. Emily Benoist says:

    I assume the texans will sign Dalton when BoB trades Deshaun Watson to the patriots for a 2nd round pick

  16. Andrew Spinks says:

    If he goes to the Jags, he’s gonna get some killer cash endorsing coppertone sunscreen

  17. Jacob Beal says:

    I love that he is “pro Andy Dalton” and calls him “red rocket” in the same sentence. Never change Pat

  18. James Morris Music says:

    Dalton asked to be released and I’m glad he did. He wants to go somewhere with a chance to start. Hes a good player and I wish him the best.

    The Pat’s or the Jags will sign him within a week.

  19. Dublin O’Seven says:

    Cam and Andy both sign with New Orleans—they’re gonna carry 7 QB’s on the roster.

  20. Chris Styles says:

    Dude can play, He just needs a legit franchise around him that cares.

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