Pat McAfee Reacts To Tom Brady Signing With The Buccaneers Reports

Pat McAfee Reacts To Tom Brady Signing With The Buccaneers Reports

Could Tom Be Going Down To Tampa Bay?

This is a clip from McAfee & Hawk: A Sports Show live from 1pm-2pm EST Mon-Fri.



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85 Responses

  1. Bryce says:

    As a Bucs diehard, this is awesome. So many years of Winston’s bs; I am so stoked to see someone else under center. THANK YOU GLAZER FAMILY FOR FINALLY SPENDING THE MONEY FOR A GREAT QB

    • Bobdingle25 says:

      Guess I’m the only one who thinks Brady is past his prime.

    • Ghostfac3 says:

      You signed a 43 year old aging QB…yes go bucs lmao

    • Ghostfac3 says:

      @Malikai Perkonington so you’re just a brady fan not a pats fan. Got it.

    • Chris Dat —Membaaa?— says:

      Hahaha your whole fan base will actually show up? Then back to the hole you go when you realize Brady was a system QB

    • Akeem Alston says:

      Willie Hardiman I was thinking the same thing. Although I hope it does. It just has a feel of not being as good as it looks. Honestly how long are ppl looking to have a good team, 1-3 years or 10+ years?

  2. Tj Marz says:

    Jameis Winston to the Delaware Clams. Let’s go Clams!

  3. kindley fernand says:

    Pat cussing on the show now.🤣🤣🤣

  4. Daniel Jones says:

    Please go back to yalls 2000s uniforms. They’re atrocious right now, for Tom.

  5. Bobo says:

    The only thing keeping me from going crazy in my house is the show, GOD BLESS👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  6. Spring Heeled Jack says:

    Pat you knew the Colts were signing Rivers and low key told us.

  7. sammyvh11 says:

    Thank you Tommy for leaving the AFC. Signed Jets Dolphins Bills fans.

  8. Wolfy_Ellie says:

    signing with the bucs or not, keep 12 his number for the love of god.

  9. MXVROS says:

    I think we’re just gonna disregard 2020 as being a year.

  10. weirdman22 says:

    “I say 2 years 60 mil”
    “I say 2 years 63 mil”

    “Ohhh….”*long pause* Did that extra 3 million really blow him away?

  11. dfsd says:

    Hes gonna KILL it with Evans & Godwin!!!!

    • Eric Huff says:

      @Dark Zeus man your saint gonna choke like they always do🥶🙅‍♂️

    • Taco Tom says:

      Brady wasnt good this year. He’s done after this season

    • dfsd says:

      @Taco Tom yea with another superbowl ring maybe

    • Eric Huff says:

      @Taco Tom stfu again he had no WEAPONS did making that all caps get that through your thick scull when you got a top teir quarterback throwing to a good receiver it’s easy dubs when u got a top teir quarterback and trash receivers it’s hard to beat the best teams in the playoffs aka this season so hopefully you got educated on your stupidity

    • Pierre Robert Jimenez says:

      Right? Brady won without receivers. Bucs won with a mediocre QB… Put em together – this is going to be good.

  12. Terry O says:

    Hell no….I’m not believing he’s going to Tampa….

    🤔Until you said NO STATE TAX😂

  13. lupowins says:

    I want to see Tom in the creamsicle 80’s uniform.

  14. Liam Swanson says:

    I friend of my father said that he saw Brady at Burns steakhouse in Tampa

  15. JemhidiahSSJ4 says:

    Here we go boi’s Jameis Winston back to stealing crab legs

    • Mr.SmithGNR Smith says:

      He’s always been terrible

    • H says:

      @Ai_i_Stragg Life ​I wouldn’t call a 30 INT, 9 FUM season good…. (I will say he did well for his 30+ touchdowns)

    • Ai_i_Stragg Life says:

      Well your saying that because TB is there or your just saying that overall because he was doing his thing this year even with 30 Inp & Them fumbles.

    • Antney Fatts says:

      And I’d be willing to bet that every Bucks fan that hated Brady all these years, are insane over him now. Wait until he gets them a ring!!

    • JemhidiahSSJ4 says:

      @brian green there is literally nothing to understand, the man shoplifted crab legs for no reason other than not wanting to pay for them. Its a joke bro, get over yourself.

  16. Matthew Carrano says:

    BREAKING NEWS: old man moves to florida

  17. Kyle Packard says:

    Charger fan here, I was hopeful, then I remembered Dean Spanos is our owner and I crawled back into my hole

  18. The Manager says:

    Jamis Winston to the Seattle Dragons! Plenty of crab legs up there!

  19. magdala1 says:

    What a day to be a Bills fan. Sad that this feels like we won something 😂

  20. Shawn Freeman says:

    Hawk: “I’m guessing its 2 years 60 mil”
    McAfee: “I’m guessing its 2 years 60.01 mil”
    Hawk: “Hmm ok. I see what you did there”

    Lesson: Never pick first on the price is right

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