Paterno (2018) Official Trailer ft. Al Pacino | HBO

Paterno (2018) Official Trailer ft. Al Pacino | HBO

Paterno (starring Al Pacino) centers on Penn State’s Joe Paterno in the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal. Premieres April 7 on HBO.


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44 Responses

  1. Max Pfaff says:

    Pacino 👌

  2. Sebastian Joseph says:

    It warms my heart to see Al Pacino in roles like this. I’m sure he’s gonna deliver one hell of a performance. Can’t wait for this.

  3. Planet Marty says:

    Can’t wait for this!!!

  4. brian self says:

    I’m glad Paterno died..

    • I says:

      I’m not glad he died. I just am disappointed that he knew Sandusky was a pedo since 1976 and did nothing. That allowed a lot of innocent kids to get assaulted. He could have stopped it. That really sucks for them. Ruined their lives.

    • spinningchurro says:

      Disappointed? If I catch my kid doing drugs I’m “disappointed”. Paterno ALLOWED CHILDREN TO GET RAPED. I’m not disappointed. I’m glad he’s dead.

    • nightlightstrike says:

      In a way, yes. But I wish he’d lived long enough to suffer prison for a very long time. Also fuck those people who defended these pieces of shit in real life just because they could win games. Disgusting trash.

    • KA- BOOM!!! says:

      Wait, when did he die and how?!

  5. Gianni Brown says:

    I was honestly completey not caring about this at all. Kind of surprised they would even make this. But that last scene with Paterno and his Wife taking about how Sandusky was in the pool with their kids. That look I saw Al Pacino give, it automatically made me wanna watch this. This might be good

  6. Tommy Smith says:

    Hoo ahhh! I knew about Sandusky all this time.

  7. Shreedhar Jha says:

    Pacino will get another golden globe and Emmy for this. One of the best actors of our time !

  8. Stargayz DJ says:

    Yeah it’s video games that are violent. #Sarcasm Why doesn’t anybody blame sports for violence in our communities?

    • Parker Jones says:

      Stargayz DJ it’s not really sports (except football, I would say football can cause violence), it’s more about greed and he desire the win regardless of rules. Otherwise, most sports definitely don’t lead to violence lol

    • Stargayz DJ says:

      I’ve seen many occaisions where a team loses at a sports event and the fans then go outside and trash the neighborhood. I’ve seen how people behave in the stands at these events too. What I’m trying to say is people are quick to blame video games for violent behavior yet sports where people actually get injured, die and their fans sometimes riot outside after these events, gets a pass.

  9. electrojones says:

    Joe walked in and saw Captain Boyfuck going to town on some kid in the shower, backed out and did nothing. Joe was complicit. Joe is co-Captain Boyfuck.

    • I says:

      Jimmy Jack Paterno was also told in 1976 and literally did nothing. Also, if you’re told a coworker raped a little boy, YOU CALL 911. Obviously. Not some coworkers.

    • Jaime says:

      Dude, you dont go tell your boss and then “assume” they will do something when you hear about child rape going on under your nose. You NOTIFY THE FUCKING POLICE, then if necessary you can go tell your boss what is going on. Jesus Christ how can people defend Paterno here?

    • Jimmy Jack says:

      Would you agree that the Person (McQueary)who physically witnessed the rape should have stopped it and wouldn’t you agree he’s more at fault and complicit than anyone. The people who witnessed these acts and didn’t notify police is very puzzling and in my opinion that’s probably why Joe shrugged it off as horseplay in one of his testimonies . He was remorseful and said he wish he’d done more.

    • I says:

      Jimmy Jack A naked grown man and a naked little boy “rhythmically slapping” in the shower, then you go look and the man is grabbing the boy – you KNOWWWW that’s not horseplay. Everyone who failed to notify the actual police is at fault – McQueary, Joe Paterno, and so on. Especially since Paterno knew Sandusky sexually assaulted a kid IN 1976 AND DID NOTHING. Gross

  10. Rich Hadfield says:

    I hope this brings out the truth and sets the record straight on Paterno….whatever the truth is. Regardless…may he rest in peace…and may Sandusky’s victims find their own peace.

    • I says:

      Rich Hadfield Oh cmon, let’s just be honest… no one cares about his victims… they just care about how Paterno was portrayed.

  11. Walter Montiel says:

    HBO – where careers go to resurrect.

  12. Video Viewer says:

    People defended that predator enabler? No wonder people defend Logan Paul. I’m so sick of bad people being glorified.

  13. Joel Delacruz says:

    Pacinooo lets get it boy, he’s still got it

  14. slotvideos says:

    Wow Al Pacino! The GOAT!! Only man that can play this role I’m glad he did.

  15. trounbyfire says:

    He dies at the end

  16. Iván Egües says:

    “Any Given Sunday 2” (sorry to be that guy)

  17. ComiXProvider FTW_02 says:

    7 years after the 2011 shitfest, Jack and Jill… Pacino is back baby!

  18. I says:

    Penn State fanboys are gonna riot if this criticizes Paterno even once.

  19. welerson de araujo costa says:

    Paterno >>>>> Bear Bryant

  20. J Rod says:

    This was a very brave role to take on for Al. I’m glad to see him still taking risks. Hes been underutilized for years, about time he reminded everyone how good he can be.

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