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Original Music by Christopher Carlone
Twitter: Carlonecmusic
Music of Domics, Vol. 1 (Music from the Animated Series)

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61 Responses

  1. Domics says:

    I need dem anime recommendations. I’m almost done Dragonball Super! It ain’t a Domics vid if I don’t lay the 2 week premium on ya

  2. sexy korean girl says:

    someone teach the Donald patience

  3. tre_bender - says:

    Just found this channel and dang bro you got skillz (that’s right I spelt skills with a z you got a problem?)

  4. Brine Gaming says:

    02:57 Is that 3d printer creating a D? XD

  5. CimlyAnimations says:


  6. Joschi Pirosa says:

    5:37 so relatable xD

  7. DJ Ninja says:

    The ending scared me a little bit. I thought my computer was crashing. Who else thought that?

  8. CodeNameMario says:

    I honestly expected a 1-2 minute long white screen at the start so we could be “patient” for the video.

  9. miniZergling says:

    A place further than the universe.

  10. EpicReplayMC says:

    Bitcoin > time

  11. Paperfreddie xXx says:

    Does anybody know a good anime that’s on Netflix?

  12. Debbie Henkel says:

    *Ain’t nobody got time to cook with a bonfire*
    When I’m an adult and have my own home as long as I don’t live in the city challenge accepted Dom.

  13. X MewMeMew X says:

    *5:02* A day after I give up on my diet

  14. QuelloCoreanoᄅRivailleCraftᄅ says:

    Some fans dont have patience to expect a Domics’video

  15. Sonia's Way says:

    I used to be impatient but I learned to be patient with life experiences ✌️ …I share my experiences in my videos too and I try doing animations as well.

  16. Kayode OLUBODE says:

    Ah if only I knew what patience was

    • Melodic Coffee says:

      Patience is to keep cool whenever something is not going the way you wanted.
      It’s not just waiting until the issue fades out by itself, you still have to take action but without getting emotional about it.

  17. Kayode OLUBODE says:

    If you used the idea at 2:09 I think it would make a good video

  18. Haminations says:

    5:56 I had the PATIENCE to spend like a solid 2 minutes going back and pausing trying to see that one frame and I was rewarded greatly

  19. OMG PamSpoke says:

    *Ahh pacience…. something I dont have towards other people*

  20. bish im not a weeb ok gtfo says:

    I have a short attention span and dont have the patience to watch a seven minute video bUT SINCE ITS MADE BY DOMICS I WATCH IT ANYWAY 🌚💕

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