Pennywise Vs Groot – Cartoon Beatbox Battles

Pennywise Vs Groot – Cartoon Beatbox Battles

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This is Episode 11 of my “Cartoon Beatbox Battles” series! I hope you guys enjoy it! Don’t forget to subscribe and turn on the notification bell to stay updated on new episodes and videos!
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42 Responses

  1. Drago Ender says:

    Pennywise scared my brother i have been waiting for pennywise to strike with a beatbox

  2. Kimberly Volden says:

    A normal spider crawls on my floor
    The spider in my mind: 3:59

  3. Rishabh RISHII says:

    Patrick: Once you go Pink, you won’t think.
    Me: Patrick has the best lines ever

  4. ArtFingers says:

    3:15 it says “rellik” in the book, which spells “killer” in reverse

  5. Omar Mohamed says:

    When he said
    “I am groot” i felt that

  6. Amanda Rios says:

    Let’s be the honest, Groot’s beatbox sounded fresh, but when he started flossing, we all just were thinking, “Jesus, just let Pennywise through.”
    In my opinion, Pennywise’s beatbox was way better. He just brought a lot more sound variety.

  7. husky xoxo says:

    Did you see that he in the frist part he only hads 4 fingers on his hand

  8. Clint Show Feet says:

    5:11 Vegans when they eat dirt

  9. Yianno Pantermakis says:

    Of course this is one of those comments where it’s like “like pennywise comment groot”

  10. General Grievous says:

    Me: sees Groot doing the Floss

    Also me: i am out

  11. Zd Cleaning says:

    Pennywise’ s beatbox is scarier

  12. Fish Bowl says:

    Verbalase: says groot can control trees in his introduction
    Also verbalase at the end of groots performance: I fOrGoT tHaT yOu CoUlD CoNtRoL tReEs

  13. Peely stories says:

    Pennywise’s beatbox was lit 🔥

  14. Anotidaishe Madzvamuse says:

    Groot won we can see that ,we are Groot next is sonic

  15. Littlefury Gaming says:

    Verbalase : just try to say anything besides from “I am groot “

    Me : so can he say a swear word ???

  16. Chiara Faith says:

    WHY there no voting next round OF final? 😥

  17. FS KB says:

    Groot roasted him even by barely saying a word

  18. t-hundred videos says:

    lets be honest we knew that groot was going win even if his beatbox was bad:(

  19. John Hughes says:

    5:00 did he just say: my am groot?!

  20. Inspire_Rocket says:

    Verbalase: you said duh

    Groot: I am groot

    Me: yeah he didn’t say anything(been saying I am groot for like 5 years

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