‘People Are Dying’: Battling Coronavirus Inside a N.Y.C. Hospital | NYT News

‘People Are Dying’: Battling Coronavirus Inside a N.Y.C. Hospital | NYT News

An emergency room doctor in Elmhurst, Queens, gives a rare look inside a hospital at the center of the coronavirus pandemic. “We don’t have the tools that we need.”

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82 Responses

  1. Mohammed Dahhou says:

    The feeling of helplessness is atrocious, God bless you all.

  2. Local Yz says:

    STAY HOME !! I still see idiots booking flights to quarantine somewhere else instead of staying where they are!🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Sukh S says:

      Local Yz i agree

    • a motts says:

      AlexxxPerales that doesn’t work. If said “adult” goes around carelessly spreading this, they are not held responsible for the care and potential death of anyone else. There has to be some interaction in terms of food/supplies….but that’s different than you thinking your freedom is being taken away so you parade around al while potentially spreading disease. That’s selfish

    • Lajeana pique says:

      The planes where what spread it.

    • Turouk Anter says:

      @Local Yz I’m sharing important information out but this coronavirus is a hoax since in theses two live streams(each over an hour long), a MD doctor explains that their is no actual prove that viruses spread airborne and that their is no prove that their are viruses that cause disease and death, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZzIxnCHVDM, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcS60a9cdg4, please share this to people who still believe this covid 19 virus is not a hoax.

    • wizzy one says:

      If you live with idiots who won´t stay home, you might consider taking your chances to find a better/safer place.

  3. pants says:

    The wavering support from the federal government is unconscionable.

    • Pratik4311 says:

      What more can the federal government do?? Suppliers are going at max capacity already. The government can’t even pass a relief bill on time. You need to lower your expectations.

    • n815e says:

      Pratik4311 No, we shouldn’t lower our expectations, the government needs to improve.

    • Tuan Nguyen says:

      @Pratik4311 The real problem is our blonde President Trump only cared about money and the American health care system is too expensive in this country.

    • mark price says:

      The government is doing all it can to help many areas including NY. This surge of cases there are because folks just ignored all the guidelines to keep from being infected. And why are all the patients being sent to hospitals that are already over loaded? Why not spread them out to centers that can better care for them? One of the most grating comments begins like this” we are the United States– we should be able to —-(fill in the blanks)”. Sometimes plan, sometimes coordinate, sometimes help yourself.

    • K P says:

      @Tuan Nguyen oh stop it….

  4. Andrew B says:

    “we’re supposed to be a first world country”… that myth is shattered.

    • Vowte Kohnsur Vateeve says:

      Too much migration harmed the country

    • chaosXpert says:

      Well literally the definition of First World is the USA and it’s allies. 2nd World is the Soviet Union and it’s allies. 3rd world is everyone else

    • Based Haole says:

      @S E Y F Sixx Trump banned travel to China as soon as it was announced and the media called it Racist.

    • Matthias Redler says:

      third world…

    • wizzy one says:

      Myth will never be shattered for many. The ownership of a thousands of Tomahawks is what makes them feel first-world, rather than the millions of poor who cannot get 3 meals a day, or the inadequate healthcare.

  5. Steph Sancia says:

    0:32 ~ the world needs to let this grim realisation sink home to the heart and lockdown 100%. We are on day 2 of lockdown 4 in New Zealand and it’s surreal. Peace and Blessings Globally ❤️

    • Comedy Bros says:

      How tight are you thinking of a lockdown? The world runs on money. If there is no money being made, the world will absolutely fall and we’ll be in worse shape than we would be if we let this virus run its course.

    • Tubsie says:

      @Comedy Bros true that

    • Silver Star says:

      Nope. At a certain point those who are the most vulnerable need to 100% lockdown while the rest of the world goes on. We cannot sustain this again next year. Going to have to prepare for it and let things fall where they will

  6. Oliver Olivier says:

    God please take care of them. From Spain, we’re with you and we will WIN together! Stay STRONG.

  7. Small Dick says:

    2 months to prepare the worst scenario…. The government dint care… Now let’s count !

  8. Marta Merced says:

    Please praying 🙏 for all nurses and doctors❣️😭😭😭😭😭

  9. emendatus1 says:

    The world is not ready for this. It is clear.

  10. cliffbluff says:

    This shows how our healthcare system needs a complete overhaul and we need an emergency epidemic plan established and taught in the public school system and for the general public

    • Yagami L says:

      Lol what happens to india then

    • Turouk Anter says:

      @cliffbluff I’m just sharing this information but this coronavirus is a hoax since in theses two live streams (each over a hour long), a MD doctor explains there is no actual proof that viruses can spread airborne and even that there is no prove that their is any virus that causes disease and death and much more important information, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcS60a9cdg4, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZzIxnCHVDM, share this with everyone you know.

    • Larry Croft Womb Raider says:

      If they had got on top of this months ago and the government was willing to close all travel outside of the 50 U.S. States and enforce a true quarantine on the first people to catch it here, then this would have never happened. Many people would have been opposed to the emergency travel ban for them to have done it and that’s why we are, where we are.

    • Umbuko DaJuko says:

      cliffbluff It’s too late now to implement that stuff so we’re just gonna wait another hundred years until the next epidemic we didn’t learn from 1918 and there’s gonna have any new viruses since this one what about the SARS outbreak in 2003 in China

    • Larry Croft Womb Raider says:

      Umbuko DaJuko exactly, Spanish Flu shut the world down just like now but back in 1918. Even forced the countries in WWI to stop fighting for weeks! We didn’t learn then, and it seems we haven’t learned now

  11. SL Bo says:

    Heart breaking when I know doctors and nurses can’t get N95 and use one mask for several days. So that’s Trump said he has everything to fight against COVID-19? Stay strong from China

  12. Arun Chauhan says:

    This is heart breaking that our leaders use factories to build war machines, but can’t do anything to protect their citizens.

    • Tyler Solvestri says:

      War machines is not the only thing produced in factories, and even less in these moments were there is a biological emergency, omg, people are really dumb.

    • K P says:

      @Electric avenue Bikes this is not the current POTUS fault and I’m not a fan but this should have been looked into 15,20 years ago. No one in the world no matter who is in office could have predicted this but you keep on hating because that really doesnt help but probably makes you sleep better at night. People die from diseases all the time,just like the H1NI that took obama a year to finally admit it was a pandemic but not before it killed 12,000 Americans. Stop you’re hate and stay well.

    • K P says:

      @Julia Nafuna stop you’re hate. This is a world problem. Stay well.

    • Oder says:

      @K P bill gates predicted it in 2015, search for his ted talk, also have a look on event201

    • Apeksha Adhikari says:


  13. C P says:

    Where are all of the “it’s just the flu” people at now?!!!

  14. Belkis Kapić says:

    After she said: “This is America, and we should be first world country…”

    I was at the outburst of tears.

    • Richard Andrews says:

      Belkis Kapić well to be blunt. It just shows your ignorance of the state of Merica. Arguably we haven’t been a first world country for a long time. Healthcare has been an issue for who knows how long. But unfortunately stuff like this are the only thing to wake up the sheep. Even then not much will change.

    • Prince781 says:

      @Vowte Kohnsur Vateeve conservatives have harmed this country far more than migrants have.

    • R. S. says:

      Ask any immigrant, it obviously is, more than others.

    • A Fernandez says:

      @Vowte Kohnsur Vateeve wait… Are you serious,? You’re blaming immigrants for what lack of supplies? Wow…

    • Tuan Nguyen says:

      @Samuel Z. You are 100% correct.

  15. Hamrush M says:

    „Those who don‘t learn from history are doomed to repeat it“

  16. Weghweh Hwewehwhe says:

    By the way the official who said they have enough venitlators should be fired and put in prison for lying.

  17. xemmalinex says:

    US Government !!! WATCH THIS VIDEO!

  18. Humble Rioter says:

    Ask your defense system to take over for your protection – all your money has been spent there and not in the Healthcare

  19. Jacqueline Castillo says:

    This is literally my hometown, this hospital has been hit the worst in nyc. I hope fema sends the supplies they need ASAP.

    • Vulcan Logix ______ says:

      I hope they delay it so the homeless can be taken off the Democrats payrolls~ along with addicts and antifa groups.

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