People Guess Who’s a Couple from a Group of Strangers

People Guess Who’s a Couple from a Group of Strangers

Can you do better than these guys?

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20 Responses

  1. Daniel Aaron says:

    Sad “I’m so single” comments incoming in 3…2…1…

  2. Oygl Dmr says:

    This black guy is so funny LOL

  3. Ruby M says:

    1:20 they all started at their couple

  4. CrazyGyal01 says:

    *I’m just a single pringle.*

  5. Pritam Hazra says:

    Looks Like Buzzfeed isn’t the only one running out of ideas


    Y’all chill it was a joke m8s

  6. DeshawnTooLive says:

    8:02 The cringe is beyond unreal here

  7. Jeet Sharma says:

    So today you’re gonna guess couples from a group of 10 people.
    Girl : How many couples?
    Girl, you need to go to school and learn math.

  8. Marium Zaki says:

    This was so interesting! But please do a part 2 which include interracial and gay couples!

  9. xXx_sweg_quiCkScOp3Z_L0Rd_420_69_xXx says:

    6:03 Middle is together
    6:07 Middle is together
    6:14 Middle is together
    6:20 Did they just break up?

  10. Marc Ferretti says:

    The girl that picked 2 gay couples…. like really you thought there would more likely be 2 gay couples out of 5?

  11. Larry JollyGamer says:

    Yo I dead thought the woman in the green pants was a guys until like 8 minutes in.

  12. Gonga Like says:

    That Big guy is cool and funny asf…who agrees? Lol!

  13. Anies says:

    You should have people guess the parents of a random person…like have a bunch of adults and a teen to guess the teen’s parents…sorry if it is confusing

    edit: wtf guys! i can’t believe my eyes, please do it WatchCut Video!!

  14. Ik Heet says:

    I’m sorry but every time i watch a watchcut video. There are always the weirdest looking ppl.

  15. H3yJustMe says:

    0:12 she has some weird looking shoulders

  16. NGA says:

    Sad state of the world when you cant pair up people of the same ethnicity because youre afraid its racist. SMH

  17. XYZERO And Yo boy Reece says:

    Black guy: I’m the new hitch out this mother fucker what’s good
    Guy behind camera: two out of five
    Black guy: aw damn

  18. i dont know says:

    The man with the anal beads hair is hilarious

  19. Jacob says:

    I seriously thought the girl in the green pants was a gay dude?

  20. amandacl1 says:

    I felt vicarious embarrassment at 6:48.

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