People Try Living Without A Mirror

People Try Living Without A Mirror

“Right before this interview, I ran to that mirror to see what I looked like…”

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20 Responses

  1. Anamika Diaries says:

    Michelle has perfect skin; I don’t think she needs a mirror, at least not
    one while putting on makeup (she doesn’t need makeup)

  2. Appel Achternaam says:

    omg ive asked for this videoo whuuu

  3. demetriusg4 says:

    shout ot to her deathly hallows neck tattoo at 2:22

  4. Michela F. says:

    Aw to the girl that teared up 🙁 xoxo

  5. Madai Perez says:

    Very cool experiment! What do you guys think about this? Would you do it? 

  6. Lau says:

    Whenever the first girl appears in a video I can’t help thinking that she
    looks a lot like Nina Dobrev, really

  7. internutz says:

    What is the name of the girl that said “everyone should do this challenge
    just so they can appreciate looking at themselves!” She seems so fricking
    sweet and adorable!! I hate not knowing the names of my top buzzfeeders

  8. Rony Bonilla says:

    The Abnegation Faction 

  9. Hαzɛɩ- “тяαѕн” Rανɛŋ says:

    The “No Mirror” Challenge.

  10. Ximena Cerezo says:

    If Pippin and Markiplier had a son it would be the white guy

  11. LivCakes says:

    who saw the girls illuminati tatoo when she looked in the mirror

  12. Michelle Ahn says:

    Car windows are my mirrors

  13. Lisa says:

    I tried this challenge a few months ago it was really hard and I had to do
    it for three days because I kept looking in the mirror by accident for like
    a second. And each time I looked I instantly started the challenge
    again,resulting in me looking like the I just woke up from the dead for
    three days.and I did this on school days. 

  14. Annalise McCann says:

    I’m going to do this

  15. Novus Witch says:

    Hotels put a lot of mirrors in the rooms to reflect light and make the
    space look bigger. Just FYI.

  16. Hallucinogen X says:

    “This past week was probably the most body positive i’ve felt about myself”

    So she felt body positive by not looking at her body?Isn’t that the
    opposite of body positive?

  17. Camille Luong says:

    What if looking in the mirror boosts your self-esteem?

  18. Patrick Healy says:

    I go days without using a mirror.

  19. dannyphehe says:

    All of them looked great throughout the whole video. People really need to
    recognize their natural beauty.

  20. Jorge Martinez says:

    Why dont they just go i the bathroom and use their phones lol