People Try To Catch Passes From An NFL Quarterback

People Try To Catch Passes From An NFL Quarterback

“I do CrossFit…so yeah, I can catch a pass…”

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20 Responses

  1. Foul Lily says:

    and they say girls cant play ‘mens’ sports

  2. FunnyCat says:

    Notice that the cocky guy was the one that could not catch it

  3. Helen Dong says:

    Haha, everyone caught the ball except the guy who bragged the whole video

  4. Sarah Clydsdale says:

    Moral of the video… Don’t get cocky

  5. sassy lemon (x) says:

    *That nasty scar…*

  6. Zlatan Ibrahimovic says:

    Flag football guy lol

  7. angel carrillo says:

    “and i do crossfit” lolol i can tell

  8. Joe Vesey says:

    how’re they so bad, im from the uk and it doesnt look that bad

  9. Joe Pierro says:

    This was PATHETIC

  10. BadChimp says:

    what a bunch of arrogant losers…

  11. Eric Wagner says:

    All body catches lol

  12. SimplyNipples says:

    Should have Started with CFL than Edmonton Eskimos than NFL etc

  13. Diallo Wilson says:

    Change the title of this to people catch a Football.

  14. Licky Time VXV says:

    Man catches ball twice
    women catches ball

  15. Sarah Mccvey says:

    Haven’t seen Eugene in ages tbh smh

  16. GreenGuyMan2 says:

    buzzfeed is so fake and they never thank their fans

  17. isabella bosco says:

    that cocky guy in the black is making me so irritated

  18. Skittlebows says:

    How did he get the scar?

  19. Hydrargyrum says:

    The Edmonton Eskimos are a CFL team not NFL

  20. Jules B (julesb671) says:

    @IcoKnicK I know it is not easy to catch a ball from a pro-QB, but you are
    right. At least allow them the same equipment. Still not sure how much
    better they would do.