Pet Sematary (2019) – Trailer 2 – Paramount Pictures

Pet Sematary (2019) – Trailer 2 – Paramount Pictures

They don’t come back the same. Watch the second trailer for #PetSematary, based on Stephen King’s terrifying novel. In theatres April 5, 2019.

Based on the seminal horror novel by Stephen King, (#StephenKing) #PetSematary follows Dr. Louis Creed (Jason Clarke), who, after relocating with his wife Rachel (Amy Seimetz) and their two young children from Boston to rural Maine, discovers a mysterious burial ground hidden deep in the woods near the family’s new home. When tragedy strikes, Louis turns to his unusual neighbor, Jud Crandall (#JohnLithgow), setting off a perilous chain reaction that unleashes an unfathomable evil with horrific consequences.

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90 Responses

  1. Mama's Geeky says:

    I cannot wait!

    • Ariana Evelyn says:

      *_Pet Sematary (2019) film_* –>

      Dieser Film ist unglaublich, jetzt schau es dir an!
      Nach der Tragödie, dass ihre Katze von einem Lastwagen getötet wurde,
      gräbt Louis sie auf dem geheimnisvollen Tierfriedhof,
      was definitiv nicht so ist, wie es den Anschein hat.

      Gli studenti di Zombietown vengono trasferiti in una scuola superiore in una città di periferia!

    • Sean Stout says:

      Mama’s Geeky I’ll pass, I got the original! All i need!

    • CinematicMaj says:

      read the book instead…

    • David Bowie says:

      Seriously? That just goes to show your personality is garbage

  2. Christian Krogh says:

    I really hope this trailer won’t just be another one occupied by kids in animal masks, cheap jerk-motion effects and rapidly paced images. It really is time to show off why this film is worthy of a remake. I pray for every one involved in this picture, that they do not just throw another generic looking horror trailer at us 🙁 This is meant to promote Stephen Kings PET_SEMATARY, not children-of-the-corn-wanna-be-cult-movie. Please, show us the feel of Kings book in this thing. I’m talking atmosphere here people. Thanks.

    • Undead zombie says:

      +Christian Krogh I hope tomorrow when they show child’s play trailer that you won’t whine and bitch

    • Kyle Lee says:

      Undead zombie Bruh, why are you so damn triggered? Like shit, you say we are complaining and whining, but you are acting like a little bitch right now whining and complaining about us whining and complaining. Shut the fuck up and move on for God’s sake.

    • Christian Krogh says:

      Undead zombie Dude, your comments are getting beyond pathetic. You can’t handle other peoples opinions, it’s like you have some sort of personal stake in this whole thing. You keep saying, if people can only bitch and whine, just don’t see the movie. The same can be said here. If you can’t handle other peoples opinions, just stop replying. And from all your posts, it would seem to me that the only one who’s truly bitching and whining is you.. kinda funny.

    • Undead zombie says:

      +Kyle Lee cause y’all complaining like weak bitches over petty shit darling why are you guy’s si toxic in this generation?

    • Undead zombie says:

      +Christian Krogh don’t make me flirt with you handsome

  3. MW Film Studies says:

    Should have dropped this for the Super Bowl instead of Wonder Park

    • Christian Krogh says:

      MW Film Studies While something like that could’ve stirred up some hype, yes, I understand why they didn’t. A 30 second spot on the Superbowl costs 5 million. This new trailer is 2:30 minutes long. That would’ve been a tiny price-tag of 25mill.. not worth it 🙂

  4. bullwinkle524 says:

    The cats name is Church?

  5. gay boi says:

    wait. So Ellie is the one who dies in this adaptation? This should be interesting.

    • CinematicMaj says:

      They were probably insecure that Gage would not be scary to desensitized modern audiences ….

    • xiahntii says:

      Un no. Gage being little more than a toddler adds an even more horrific slant to the entire story. a tiny child, still developing control over their emotions and impulses, even their language skills getting turned into a murderous undead creature is a lot scarier imo.

    • Drakerios says:

      I wish we can see that monster.

    • hamhockbeans says:

      +Meal Deal Supreme Did they just CGI a cat’s hiss. Wow

    • thelaughingrouge says:

      If by “interesting” you mean a complete coward out then sure.
      This is indefensibly bad!

  6. Tommy Ross says:

    They shouldn’t have spoiled that Ellie was the one who was going to die instead of Gage! I would’ve been shocked in the theatre! But damn that makes me wanna see it more…some really cool choices going on here.

    • Christian Krogh says:

      James Price Ellie also died in the leaked script from a year ago. This trailer ain’t faking it. Ellie is the one killed in this version. Might as Well accept it.

    • TrippingHawk says:

      +Christian Krogh your video sucks and nobody cares

    • WUBBISH says:

      Tommy Ross agreed I don’t want to see the same story done 2 times in a row after the book. That would have been lame. They had to change it

    • Joseph Richard says:

      +Christian Krogh I can’t understand why paramount needed to spoil Ellie dying instead of Gage. Doesn’t the studio have any cognizance that they are potentially raising a red flag to Stephen King fans that this could hurt their chances of selling this film…since a large percentage of the audience will likely be fans of this novel?

    • Kalmer Olsen says:

      James Price Give up James, it’s the daughter. Watch the fucking trailer.

  7. Terry I says:

    I think judging by that scene in the dumbwaiter both Ellie and Gage die.

  8. The Wendigo of Maine says:


    Did they change it to Ellie being buried rather than Gage?

    • Amber Lynn says:

      +Tristan Burch Well I guess that makes sense and plus I feel a lot of people would be up in arms if it was Gage. It doesn’t make it better that it was Ellie, but I guess in their minds it was the lesser of two evils. However that’s what made the book Pet Semetery so haunting to me…

    • Joseph Richard says:

      +Tristan Burch If they said that….well, they are making a lame excuse. There are other ways other than using an impractical Gage puppet..I can think of at least one way they could have pulled it off without needing to change it to Ellie.

    • Phant4sm says:

      for those who actually READ A BOOK or see the previous movie already know what happens.. open a fucking book

    • Fifthmiracle says:

      +Joseph Richard Definitely an excuses given today’s CG tech.

  9. Juicy C. says:

    “Hug your daughter” lol I don’t know her..

  10. Sonofeluria says:

    Why can’t you stick to the source material?

    • sisterofeluria says:

      Chris Peckford he also said that about dark tower prior to the release lol.

    • thismeinteil says:

      +Chris Peckford Stephen King doesn’t give a shit anymore. He’s all about that paycheck, now.

    • Neyome_TECH says:

      People cant stick to source material because they are stupid as fuck and everything has to be changed to fit today’s times. This is why the Ghostbusters remake got fucked up and the annie remake, o and the remake of overboard not to mention the new remake of what women want now titled what men want. Everything is a fucking feminist or race movie now gaaaaaaa I hate it when good stories get fucked up.

    • thelaughingrouge says:

      My last bit of respect and faith in Steven King is gone. IT is the only thing half decent he’s been involved in for the last ten years.

    • Unfound Films says:

      Chris Peckford Stephen King has proven to have awful taste in movies and had given his blessing to many shit adaptations. He praised the Dark Tower movie which was the biggest insult to his body of work yet. His endorsement honestly and unfortunately means nothing.

  11. Nicolas Cage says:

    Well that just spoiled everything. Guess I don’t have to buy a ticket now!

    • MrBillyidolfan says:

      dude, where the hell did you find the script?

    • CinematicMaj says:

      it also CHANGED everything from the book

    • Nicolas Cage says:

      I regret commenting this. *faith in humanity lost. In all honesty, some of you people need help. I’m not just saying this as a mindless insult, I’m worried for you and I hope you get better soon. Go live your life a little.
      //Retarded Whore

      Yeah, you’re getting life advice from a retarded whore, Bob Page Maximilliandeuce. Must feel great being such a pathetic being. You’re beyond help.

    • MrBillyidolfan says:

      you sir sound like the kind of true gentleman that would have the god damned common courtesy to give somebody a reach around

    • Jesujej says:

      not spoiling anything but the wife and daughter are dead and become back walking dead

  12. James Price says:

    Wow this trailer showed WAY too much, I really hope they didn’t alter the book and make Ellie the one who dies and that they keep it as Gage. I really do believe this is one of the most spoiler filled trailers ever

  13. thechino says:

    To whoever cut this trailer: sometimes less * is * better.

  14. IAmVenom says:

    Paramount Never Learns… Stop Showing Too Much Damn Footage

  15. IamNaitsirk 30 says:

    Plot twist:Edward Furlong was driving the truck.

  16. Trex Troncoso says:

    Wow thanks for spoling it for the people who never read the book or even saw the old movie

  17. Ross Martinez says:

    *Thanks for sharing the entire fucking movie….*

    • Ross Martinez says:

      +David Bowie
      No shit. I saw the original in theater. Now instead of Gage it’s the daughter coming back. Know how I know? The fucking trailer you fucking moron.

    • Ross Martinez says:

      And I saw it in ’89. What’s your point? We’re not all 12 years old on YouTube. They already showed it’s the daughter, not Gage coming back. What big massive twist could they have left out aside from that?

    • QualityEJC says:

      +Ross Martinez it’s not a twist. Ellie or Gage doesn’t take anything away from the story. It’s still going to flow the same way as the original. That’s why they did and show it.

    • Sweet 36 says:

      How do you not know this movie has already been made??? If you don’t already know this movie you are an embarrassment.

    • Wolfie says:

      A dogs way home anyone?

  18. NitroVisioN says:

    This is the most ‘whole-film-in-a-single-trailer’ trailer I’ve seen since The Shallows. The WHOLE film is in this trailer. They even gave away Zelda here. Not sure how I feel about the changes from the source material. It isn’t even the same story anymore after this trailer. This is what I gleaned from this trailer.

    Pros (so far):
    – Wendigo plot element is here, though perhaps a little too much so. We’ll have to wait and see on that.
    – Casting (I guess. I mean they’ll never replace or outdo Fred Gwynne, but I can accept the prolific John Lithgow.)
    – Church looks gnarly.

    – Oh, everything else.
    – It doesn’t necessarily look like Maine. The characters now live in cabins in the woods it seems, going for a blatant, forced, easy creep factor instead of the alluring surprise of these events happening in a quiet New England neighborhood.
    – Changing the climactic demon child to Ellie is a bad idea, given the part she plays in the actual story/novel. Should’ve been kept as Gage. Now it’s the girl from ‘The Ring’ LOL
    – Judging from all the changes, it also looks like there will be no sign or involvement of Rachel’s parents beyond maybe the Zelda stuff, seen spoiled here in the trailer.
    – Apparently, the kids from ‘Sinister’ and ‘Frank’ from ‘Donnie Darko’ are here, so there’s that.
    – There was never anything creepily ritualistic about the actual Pet Sematary that the children built, just the Wendigo-possessed Micmac Indian burial ground beyond.
    – The Micmac grounds seemingly being a swamp now (the shot was too quick to get a good detailed look, but it looked like a swamp) lends a little bit of a creep factor to it all, however, there was just something so deeply disturbing about the dry, frozen ground and wide-open rock formations of the original story.

    At least there seems to be a coherent narrative here, and it still might be worth seeing.

    • Tim O'Neill says:

      this. this is exactly why I don’t like this trailer. thank you for helping me put my thumb on exactly the things I didn’t like about this haha. it gave away so much, and I also really hate they changed the kid. Ellie was important to the plot of the story my FREAKING OUT while with her mom and grandparents in Chicago. how they gonna handle that? just completely do away with that plot point? ridiculous.

    • Huey Freeman says:

      I stopped watching half way through because i realized the same thing. it seems to be in perfect chronological order. as if the trailer guy was lazy and procrastinated until the last minute.

    • Joseph Richard says:

      Do you think the Timmy Baterman storyline will be cut? Or will they add an updated flashback story of this undead character from Jud’s past?

    • thelaughingrouge says:

      This new movie looks so bad it makes me like the book less, it’s that bad.

  19. Brent Page says:

    So, I’m now beginning to think these kids we keep seeing with masks on their faces might be other resurrected children from the Micmac burial ground.

    From the first trailer I thought perhaps they were just kids being controlled by the burial ground to do weird things, but now after seeing Ellie dressed up and in similar guard and wearing a mask just like them, I’m thinking that they are all resurrected which is why they wear masks to hide their disfigured or rotting faces.

  20. Tito Schmidt - AOR Melodic Rock says:

    sometimes not watching the trailer is better

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