Peter Jackson confirms – He’s directing an episode of Doctor Who!

Peter Jackson confirms – He’s directing an episode of Doctor Who!

Pretty much seals the deal, watch for the Peter Capaldi and Dalek cameo! Just Posted to his Facebook page in the last 40 minutes!

Everything is copyright Peter Jackson and/or BBC and Doctor Who.

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20 Responses

  1. askani79705 says:

    Great, now Dr Who will be an 8 hr episode with a bunch of new characters
    nobody ever heard of.

  2. stefan miko says:

    am i blind or the book on table is silmarillion?

  3. Liam Higgins says:

    Oh that cheeky Silmarillion hint….all I want for christmas

  4. Birdy P says:

    It’s going to be one episode of content spread over 5 episodes.

  5. Frank Rizzo says:

    He should take over as showrunner Moffat’s been more miss than hit since
    the second half of Series Six.

  6. Frank Rizzo says:

    … and this was about three times as long as it needed to be. Sort of like
    The Hobbit.

  7. Jay Joshi says:

    Similarion confirmed?

  8. Zuber Commodore says:

    Dat troll.

  9. vkpilla says:

    Lol… 1:15 “Sir Peter? Is it for Sir Peter? Sir Peter lives here…”

  10. Liam O'Quin says:

    Great, an episode of Doctor Who that’s 3 hours long and has 7 endings.

  11. Ollie Connors says:

    ??? Perfect.

  12. UnrestrictedMethod says:

    While watching this I was thinking I hope a Dalek shows up I hope a Dalek
    shows up I hope a Dalek shows up and then a Dalek shows up and I was like

  13. Spaghetti-Spider says:

    The TARDIS just busted through the fourth wall!

  14. parcog says:


  15. Wolong Gong says:

    Where he takes 45 minutes worth of story and turns into 3 1/2 hours,
    injects a love story and a few extra characters at the last moment and has
    12 endings.

  16. Yesica1993 says:


  17. Deadpool2020 says:

    Hahaha “The Walking Dead!”

  18. Squall Leonhart says:

    Oh god no….

  19. Lenin M. Plazas says:

    “I’m the Doctor”

  20. lgnfve says:

    Capaldi is such a bad actor is it mind blowing. he was out acted in the
    scene by the dalek