Peter Weber’s Parents Don’t Think It’ll Work Out with Madison – The Bachelor

Peter Weber’s Parents Don’t Think It’ll Work Out with Madison – The Bachelor

As Madison and Peter say that they have a long road ahead, but they’re willing to do the work, Peter’s parents think it’ll be harder than they think. Peter’s mother, Barbara, says that only Peter is compromising here, and that this relationship simply won’t work out. Peter’s father seems to agree. From ‘Season Finale, Part 2,’ season 24, episode 12 of The Bachelor. Watch The Bachelor 2020 MONDAY 8|7c on ABC, streaming, on demand, and Hulu.

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67 Responses

  1. Carpe Diem AG Studio says:

    “It was anything but the brightest spot” naw they clicked immediately and had some extremely “bright” moments before the fantasy suite week. Bruhhhh

    • Elissa Lombard says:

      Agree! Plus, why should the beginning be the “brightest” spot!? I would hope that a relationship gets better with time and love and investment – the closer and more comfortable you get with each other. How could a time when they’re filming and he’s in a “relationship” with a bunch of women at the same time be considered to be the “brightest spot” anyway?? He was just trying to think of something to say to make his embarrassing, controlling wife appeased.

    • H4Activation says:

      Carpe Diem AG Studio

  2. Lindsey O'Reilly says:

    I want Madi’s parents to say something. They’d rip Barb apart.

  3. Jennifer Diamond says:

    I think his mom just caused damage to their relationship. Peter is a big boy let him make some choices for himself. She was pretty harsh and said words she cannot take back…..

  4. Win Dart says:

    My goodness, Peter’s mother just made a fool of herself on national TV. No matter what your feelings, you should not embarrass your son with YOUR feelings. What chance are you giving your son when you talk like that…..disgusting on so many levels.

  5. Leonel Dheming says:

    She whispers to her husband in Spanish “di algo mal también, ayúdame”…”say something bad too, help me”….

  6. Prayer Power Partners says:

    Madison should run because his mom will destory the live they have for each other. Peter is not going to stand up to his mom and put her in her place. Madison deserves better.

  7. Sichael Mcott says:

    Peters mom told peters dad in Spanish to say “something bad help me out” and peter’s dad does exactly that! No wonder peter acts the way he does

  8. James says:

    Regardless of how Barb feels, Madison absolutely does not deserve this. She doesn’t even know Madison. And she’s hurting her son by making it about herself

    • Amy K. says:

      Peter’s mom just hated Maddie when she disagreed with her when she’s telling her not to change Peter. It’s so insane to think Peter still should keeps party everyday when he is in a relationship. Maddie is a strong person and a fighter. She can’t stand bullshit. Barb has damaged her relationship with her son, either it works out with Maddie or not.

  9. Roberto Morales Morales says:

    When Chris Asks for the dads opinion Barb’s like “Say something help me.” In spanish. Poor man is probably so scared of her.

  10. Jillyy 72 says:

    With all due respect, I disagree with how Peter’s mother handled everything. At a minimum, she could trust her son and be supportive. The fact that she has gone to such great lengths in her manipulative overreacting, it is quite clear that she is so disturbed that she cannot control Peter as to whom he will marry – and is so clearly pissed – that she will stop at nothing (now) to ENSURE her own son fails at this relationship just to feed her own pride. This has a horrible Dr. Phil episode gone wrong written all over it.

    Sorry Peter. The rest of the world can clearly see your heart and that you literally proposed to Hannah Ann to please your mom. The fact that you couldn’t keep up the charade for your family is not on you – anyone with a pair of eyes can see you tried the route of keeping everyone happy – but you did what was right in the end. The heart wants what the heart wants and there’s no amount of manipulation that can prevent a bad decision if you’re being true to yourself. Be strong Peter – in the end your mom will HAVE to come around.

    And Mattie? Go girl!!! Keeping it 💯

  11. Lynette Naranjo says:

    Probably the most cringe worthy moment in all of Bachelor history 😖

  12. fancynancy829 says:

    Peter’s mom has such a nasty attitude. She needs to stay out of her son’s lovelife. He has picked a decent good girl. There’s something wrong with that woman

  13. Montserrat Torres says:

    Honestly this conversation should have happened in private. As entertaining as it was to watch these are people’s real lives and feelings. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but this wasn’t something that should have been said on national tv. I was so in shock this happened in the first place.
    But I wish everyone the best and hope they can all move forward which ever way they chose.

  14. xmochilove says:

    Barbara’s such a b for that one. Peter is the one dating Madison, NOT her. Who the hell does she think she is???

  15. samantha trevizo says:

    Is no one gonna talk about how she said in Spanish “say something bad to help me”

  16. Isabella Banuelos says:

    “This isn’t just Peter choosing me, this is me choosing Peter.”

    Sing it sister!! Dude that mom is a crazy, controlling, and idiotic to think that this is an easy choice for him to make. Relationships are hard anyway but broadcasting it on TV? Yeah that makes it easier.

    • Akhil Dupal says:

      @Bumpin It is the son’s decision who he loves. And it is the parent’s decision to stand by him and support him. She is overstepping and is out of line

  17. Hada Merryweather says:

    Peter’s mother has very poor boundaries, is controlling of the entire household, is enmeshed with her sons, and plans on staying in control of Peter. A histrionic personality, this mom needs to be told to back off…and it seems that Madison has the backbone to do it. Now Peter needs to cut the umbilical cord that keeps him harnessed to his mother. The remedy to that is to move away and limit his time with the dysfunction in his family. Madison is a grounded young woman whose heart is huge and forgiving. With her, Peter might have the future and family he’s needed all his life. Time to stand on your own Peter. The choice is Peter or Mom….that is the existential question.

  18. samantha emily says:

    His mom LITERALLY said “say something bad to, help me out” in Spanish when they asked his dad how he feels. What kind of mother is she?! Bashing her son and the person he loves on live TV or in general!

  19. Fabery, Lauren (12A) [Ac+] says:

    why is no one talking about how this is literally Arie 2.0

  20. Kaycie says:

    She literally told her husband to “say something bad” in Spanish before he started speaking. She is a horrendous person.

    • Kaycie says:

      Matthew Alanis “ di algo mal también ayúdame “ significa en inglés “say something bad too (as well) help me”

    • Matthew Alanis says:

      @Kaycie stop trying to use Google translate

    • Matthew Alanis says:

      She said di algo mas tambien not mal. She has an accent

    • Kaycie says:

      Matthew Alanis and that’s a fair argument, maybe her accent did alter what we were hearing. It’s common for Spanish speakers in Central America and South America to leave off the S. However, in regards to the bachelor, that doesn’t excuse her behavior towards Madison and Peter. And furthermore, I speak Spanish so I’m not sure why you’re bringing up a translator.

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