Pete’s Dragon Official US Teaser Trailer

Pete’s Dragon Official US Teaser Trailer

Watch the new teaser trailer Disney’s Pete’s Dragon now! See it on the big screen in 3D on August 12, 2016 ?

A reimagining of Disney’s cherished family film, “Pete’s Dragon” is the adventure of an orphaned boy named Pete and his best friend Elliott, who just so happens to be a dragon.

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19 Responses

  1. pramitbanerjee says:

    a bit fat that one

  2. Maximumsquige says:

    every fucking movie they use the same jump off cliff shot. at least think
    of something original

  3. C Port says:

    Guys you’re all adults.. this movie isn’t even for you. Watch the one that
    came out in the stone ages and let your children decide whether or note
    this be worthy.

  4. Hernan Sabban says:

    The original film was great…this is more cgi crap from disney

  5. Kyle “KABVIPER” Bender says:

    proof ERAGON can be made better

  6. Robyn Fuller says:

    um…. this is a totally different story to Pete’s dragon. Shame, I was
    really looking forward to this.

  7. Donthiik says:

    looks shit

  8. ckd819 says:

    Disney’s first horror movie coming 2016

  9. SuperBlueboy2010 says:

    eww wtf

  10. MaiHead says:

    PLOT: Boy is found in the woods. “Friendly” researchers and child
    protective services take him out of the woods against his own will. The boy
    tries to adapt to a “normal” life, then escapes. Meanwhile some evil team/
    government is hunting down this dragon. The boy finds the dragon but
    notices that he’s in danger. The dragon takes shots and dies to it’s
    wounds, while the previously annoying know-it-all researcher realises that
    they fucked up. Boy survives and gets adopted. The end.

  11. Maciel King says:

    What about the original songs! I miss it! :(

  12. theroyalbrat says:

    Why has this seemingly turned into The Jungle Book, Dragon Edition? What
    happened to the story of the boy with the bad home running away with the
    help of his dragon friend? Seriously now it’s the boy living in the woods
    for six years with his dragon. The whole point of Pete’s Dragon was that
    the Dragon was only helping Pete until he found his right place/ family
    then he went on to help another kid. I’m dubious to say the very least.

  13. Z3withthefaceguy™ says:

    Bald Mountain trailer when?

  14. Sadie Curtis says:

    Who the hell is Pete, and how come he gets a dragon and I don’t?

  15. kuabci says:

    I can already tell this movie is taking itself WAY too seriously.

  16. Gregory Martin says:

    Technically it’s a retelling, not a remake. I think it will fail.

  17. WishThisWasAvailable says:

    I still don’t believe that’s not Jessica Chastain.

  18. letsmakepancakes3 says:

    Why lord? Is it not enough killing people in the streets? Now you have to
    make this? Just why lord?

  19. JUICEBOX says:

    Probably won’t watch it, but it looks lit