Philando Castile’s mom: ‘We are being hunted’ (Full CNN interview)

Philando Castile’s mom: ‘We are being hunted’ (Full CNN interview)

The mother of Philando Castile, whose death was captured on video after being fatally shot by Minnesota police during a traffic stop, speaks to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota.

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20 Responses

  1. Lewis Luigi Cobos says:

    That happens because any monkey could become a cop in the USA

  2. Sleeping Sloth says:

    Why didn’t this cop have a body cam, it should be mandatory at this point!

  3. Nate N. says:


  4. TheDavidchacha says:

    CNN shooting was FAKE! Why can’t the mother “cry” when she lost her “son”?
    Because it was a false flag!

  5. Mike99 Mike99 says:

    Government is ISIS

  6. Donald L. says:

    Blacks will always complain.

    All whites, asians, and hispanics in the US could move to Alaska, leaving
    the continental US to blacks and the US would look like every project, yet
    somehow would blame their plight on people in Alaska.

  7. King Breezy says:

    She’s a very well educated person

  8. David Rodgers says:

    From what I see Brown had it coming this one did not.

  9. Jason Terrace says:

    the issue at hand isnt race. it’s that the media is blowing this up as more
    than just a crooked cop taking an innocent life.
    if we continue trying to make it seem like all blacks are being oppressed
    or like all police are evil, then we’re just adding on to the stereotypes
    that we were trying to avoid in the first place, aren’t we?

  10. Joe Bigornia says:

    They need to release the Police Body cam footage, This is BULLSHIT! So far
    the Police killed an innocent man.

  11. David Smith says:


  12. Jordan Rayford says:

    It’s killing me how all of you IGNORANT people are justifying this killing.
    Shame on ALL OF YOU. He did NOT deserve to die. As a cop, you vow to
    protect and serve the community. YOU DO NOT PROTECT AND SERVE YOURSELF.
    There’s no reason why a white man should be able to beat up a cop but a
    black guy reaches for his license during a ROUTINE TRAFFIC STOP gets
    MURDERED. This makes me sick. A child was in the backseat. Come on. Is our
    skin color really making you all this blind?? Come on guys. Come on. You
    all are disgusting.

  13. Talisac80 says:

    bitch please.. you hear about this everyday because piece of shit media
    like cnn nbc abc fox thrive off of ratings for this shit and it causes
    uproar and fuels their agenda to push the people against each other. Don’t
    think that every day a white person isnt killed by a police man just the
    same amount. you don’t hear about it why? no ratings. you don’t want to
    hear this but it is BLM that is causing more of the innocent unarmed
    killings. you don’t go around burning shit down and rioting to create less
    fear in the cops eyes and hearts to be jumpy and make quick bad decisions

  14. Noori Nessi says:

    African Americans get the fuck outta that sick country please.

  15. GUNGFU FLINT says:


  16. Emily Aralar says:

    how could people dislike this video?

  17. Andrew S says:


  18. kill yoself says:


  19. ClubHeroes says:

    Awful story, truly is, but I wonder if they’re going to talk about the 5
    police officers who were systematically eliminated by “Protesters”.

  20. Jene' Walker says:

    This fucking breaks my heart. For them to not mourn, but to be angry. They
    want justice, but they know, it probably won’t come for them. That angers
    them, me, and hopefully anyone else who sees this video. I don’t know what
    else to say. Yes.. We ARE being hunted.