Phillip Island fishing trip whale and dolphins Steve, Jake and Chris

Phillip Island fishing trip whale and dolphins Steve, Jake and Chris

Whale Dolphins and seal swimming with boat Phillip Island Vic Australia 2015. On fishing trip.

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20 Responses

  1. matt martin says:

    No love in the title for the seal?? SMH

  2. geoff bratton says:

    Pretty sure one of you guys is aquaman.

  3. abdilatif noor says:

    cool video but that vast of nothingness 2spooky4me

  4. LibertyPrimeV1 says:

    This is a normal day in Australia.

  5. paul sawford says:

    Fantastic experience :-)

  6. SANAFABICH says:

    Do I have your authorization to masturbate to this? And, Hey! Don’t judge!

  7. Tommy John says:

    Dam these dude are prob the luckiest people alive. Shit son

  8. misspoptart says:


  9. Anthony Viallard says:

    Don’t kill fish. See its beauty !

  10. kendo512 says:

    You got the seal of approval

  11. 1nvd says:

    Would ya look at that

  12. Hubert Applebaum says:

    Don’t give the coordinates of this location to Japan.

  13. Trevor Evans says:

    Epic, once in a life time experince. :D

  14. Alex Mestas says:

    Hi Reddit

  15. SpetS says:

    they are trying to tell us something important, but we just say awww. we
    still thinking we are the most intelligent creature in the planet, so
    intelligent that we kill each other for money and destroy our own and only

  16. collin larkin says:

    you guys are Disney princesses of the ocean, a bunch of damn little
    mermaids lmao

  17. Sam Sok says:

    meanwhile japan is slaughtering them…. smh

  18. xirfan says:

    So which one of you is heir to the Throne of Atlantis?

  19. verkzkillsz says:

    how do people dislike this they’re just dolphins and whales lol

  20. Arctic Tiger says:

    this is gonna be on Sunrise tomorrow