Phones Have Gone Too Far…

Phones Have Gone Too Far…

SERVO R25 Phone (USA Link) –
SERVO R25 Phone (International) –

The Servo R25 combines a phone, wireless earbuds and powerbank into one enormous gadget.

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67 Responses

  1. Unbox Therapy says:

    What’s wrong with Apple? –

  2. MaxiPC says:

    that phone will last you longer than any flagship smartphone

  3. sino2121 big pp man says:

    How to measure batterys in the year 2119:

    Baby battery

    Teen battery

    Big battery

    The big boi

  4. Xiaochen Li says:

    This would be a fantastic (second) phone for camping! Radio, flash light, powerbank.

  5. Mark Mark says:

    Sold Out on Amazon , Still can find it on AliExpress!

  6. Music Islife says:

    Old school dads everywhere be foaming at the mouth ?

  7. Julia - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :* says:

    I mean….$60 for a battery bank, wireless earbuds and an emergency phone. Color me impressed

  8. Julia - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :* says:

    apple: Removed Jack
    Servo: Added Headphones

  9. DragoPlayzMC says:

    2019 airpods on a 2000 looking nokia brick…AWESOME

  10. Jaxon Bason says:

    The point of a portable battery bank is to charge your phone…


  11. 박준수 says:

    A pair of fully wireless earbuds for 60 bucks that actually sound good like the expensive ones.

    *Let that sink in*

    • Marcos Danilo says:

      @TITUS, wow, that’s amazing! wanna know whats even MORE amazing? my headphones lasted for 3 years, and they still havent run out because they dont need batteries to work!

    • WIMEB lmao says:

      Marcos Danilo give it another 3 years and you wont be able to use them with any of the newer phones

    • Seagull 78 says:

      carpii can everyone stop arguing cuz this argument is pointless and won’t matter in like 5 minutes

    • GOD 7X says:

      @carpii it’s cheap doesn’t mean that it’s battery backup is bad last month I bought a wireless headphones for like 40 bucks form AliExpress and it’s battery backup is better than airpods

    • elex plus says:

      The fuck does it want now

  12. Chkris says:

    In 2008 this thing would’ve taken over the world

  13. unstoppable 12 says:

    What happened to throwing the silca gel at jack

  14. Ron Clouds says:

    That’s alot for 60 bucks. Definitely worth it.

  15. Diggy City says:

    If you forget the whole primary phone part and see it as a power bank that also has Bluetooth earbuds built-in, a flashlight, a radio, and can act as an emergency phone, it’s an awesome survival kit piece.

    • Marcos Danilo says:

      @stefan kureljusic, that’s what i also dont understand, why do that, and use an old model phone? either go full on energy saving emergency phone, or go the other way with a power bank for i-phones. it tries to do too much and end up missing either target….

    • Hide On tibbers says:

      Can be used as a weapon too bang that in a mf then deadd

    • thentantt says:

      If you need a emergency phone. You’re better off with a satellite phone.

    • Marcos Danilo says:

      i agree, but this is a pretty cheap alternative that will help you unless you are stranded in a place without phone cover.

  16. GD JOLLY says:

    Torch = $ 5
    Bluetooth Speaker =$ 10
    Powerbank =$ 10
    Bluetooth earbuds =$10
    Mobile phone =$25
    Total = $60
    What els you want under one roof …
    complete set in one gadget.. good device for traveling

  17. Sasi Kumar says:

    Lew:this thing can be used as a powerbank!!
    Me:wooaah??….then it can charge itself….WTF

  18. St. Luc says:

    2019 phone manufacturers :

    Sorry there’s no room for 3.5mm headphone jack no more

    Servo phones:

    Hold my wireless Bluetooth headphones and my powerbank. I gotchu.

  19. Ash kenazim says:

    The only thing on his channel that I can afford

  20. Bhuvan lakhera says:

    3:54 that’s enough internet for me today.

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