Photo A Day For 10 Years

Photo A Day For 10 Years

December 25th 2007 – 25th December 2017
(Age 13 years, 5 months – 23 years, 5 months)

Song: Peter McIsaac – Beautiful Day

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33 Responses

  1. Steve C says:

    1:45 – 1:55 congrats on the new chin my dude

  2. frickshamer says:

    This is really cool! I don’t know how you managed to stick to taking a picture a day for a whole 10 years, but its pretty amazing!

  3. TheMelon says:

    you got purdy eyes. and also lmao looking at the acne come and go

  4. David Hall says:

    Very well done! Great: positioning, lighting, determination and eye color!

  5. Christian Remington says:

    Imagine everything that you will be able to achieve with that dedication.

  6. Pandatron25 says:

    Throw that onto your resume, thats one hell of a commitment!

  7. Bryan Crain says:

    That was cool, thanks for sharing

  8. blanchae says:

    Thanks for sharing. I watched and kept jumping back to see snippets of how you looked when you were younger to compare. When you view the whole video, you don’t notice the gradual changes so much as when you jump back and see what you looked like at 13 then in your later teens and then in your twenties.

  9. Festive Feature says:

    Idk why people are being mean in the comments. This is dope, dedication man.

    • 577AllWell says:

      Please stay tuned for my project, to which I am fully and absolutely dedicated: Drink a glass of water every day for 10 years.

  10. Eric Robi says:

    Amazing dedication! I like how about halfway through you got serious about getting fit and finally lost the little boy haircut.

  11. Cookie Monsters says:

    Now thats a glow up!

  12. JJJ says:

    you can really tell when he decided to put in the work to be healthy. the smile slowly comes back. well done dude

  13. Joshua Dean says:

    Dude, this is awesome. Your dedication is admirable. You’ve captured something that is so slow it’s imperceptible, using moments in time. Thank you for sharing this.

  14. Thomas Rowley says:

    Damn puberty hit you like a truck.

  15. rkkrqqqqrssss says:

    Ahh…I see you went through your long hair phase as well.

  16. niespeludo says:

    You can almost see exactly where puberty hit you around half the video. Never changed your hair again either. Incredible dedication for you to take a pic everyday for 10 years.

    • Onholyservicebound says:

      He was 13 at the start of the video, male puberty starts around 10-12 years old.

    • niespeludo says:

      Onholyservicebound don’t be so technical man. Like, yeah, puberty for men starts around that age, but he starts to look like a young adult further down the line.

  17. Johny Alva says:

    The older we get the more hansome we get. This video proves it. There’s hope my dudes. πŸ‘

  18. Oscar v says:

    I love how he begins to smile more towards the last half of the video, great job man, lm sure you’re an inspiration for many here

  19. Gustavo Sa says:

    I swear to god….. if you aren’t a velociraptor by the end of this video, I will have wasted my time.

  20. Kodie'sTV ! says:

    Yu had on the same shirt for 5 days DAMMMNπŸ’€πŸ’€

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