Photo shoot fall

Photo shoot in Clearwater Florida does not end well… Landed on a oyster bed and cut up his hand really bad as well as taking a chunk out of his shin….

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20 Responses

  1. burnzy3210 says:

    RIP dime a dozen rap guy

  2. Bill Keish says:

    he really maximized his wind resistance with that pose. serious oversight. 

  3. Luwix says:

    Merci Mathieu <3

  4. winrx says:

    Did the black person dieded….??

  5. NitroX YTube says:

    Merci mathieu…

  6. Donny Russell says:

    that first pose is hilarious.

  7. DemonGates says:

    That’s nature saying.. fuck rappers

  8. Anthony John d'Almeida says:

    What’s the guy’s name?

  9. MyTaTach e says:

    Merci Mathieu x)

  10. Lord K. Farrington says:

    Ebola, not even once!

    Moderator of /r/blackpeoplegifs
    ~ Lord K. Farrington

  11. bustaphatty says:

    black people cant swim

  12. Crimsonfckr FUBAB says:

    Mother nature used GUST!
    It’s super effective!
    Wild Rapper fainted!

  13. James Cowan says:

    Yo! Whasup… Muth’a… FuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuohShiiiit


  14. Alisson Camargo says:

    Por qual motivo o divulga esses vídeos toscos? Só pode ser pelo
    motivo do autor do texto ser o usuário que publicou o vídeo, não é

  15. ToaCehk says:

    “oh sheeeeiiitt!! sheeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiittt!!!”

  16. Gabin Sudre says:

    PLOUF !!! XD

  17. Petro avalos says:

    Su3le pasar.

  18. Fdb Rude says:

    Haha dumb ass

  19. Brandon Kepple says:


  20. kelley davis says:

    Oh well to your phone.