Pied Piper of Los Angeles County

Pied Piper of Los Angeles County

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20 Responses

  1. let me introduce you to the internet says:

    Or the awesome power of his wig.

  2. JKlatinagirl says:

    Only in LA :)

  3. Dr. Gregory Haus says:

    Hooli cow…

  4. fun911s says:

    Pied Piper of Los Angeles County

  5. Everything There Is says:

    Pied Piper!

  6. aylin kartal says:

    anyone else thought he reversed and was going to hit the car behind him ?

  7. Simon Carlile says:

    I swear it looked like he had put his car in reverse

  8. Thomas Turner says:

    Look like Harry Dunne from Dumb and Dumber…

  9. sophie m says:

    I thought it was going to be a serial killer who lead children away with a

  10. FernPlant3000 says:

    Damn it i thought it would be something from the Silicon Valley Show on HBO

  11. JamesT says:

    I couldn’t believe it when I saw, horizontal filming! 

  12. MrFamily1Man says:

    What did I just see?! 

  13. FarFromTheUsualll says:

    What is “null” ?

  14. Charlene Bettinson says:

    A bit random ha

  15. leen kh says:

    Omg I thought the dude’s car was going backwards and I freaked out

  16. TheDevilMethod says:

    Wie der abgeht, ich finde den Typen klasse! ;D

  17. Mohammed Azid says:

    Dude’s just chillin

  18. yannick245 says:


  19. robertneedsano says:

    White people crazy af